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Adaptable 10 Minute Morning Self Care Ritual

Are you yearning for some intentional self care time, but are struggling to squeeze it into your busy morning?

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I’m guessing your morning schedule is quite tight – whether you need to get out of the house to work, or herd a bunch of toddlers out the door to nursery. I totally get the time constraint, which is why this adaptable 10 minute self care ritual works. It’s designed to slot into your morning routine and you can adapt it to your preferences.
I’ve discovered that embracing a ritualistic approach to self care is the surefire way to make a genuine impact and transform your life. While occasional baths or journaling sessions can be nurturing (and always better than nothing!), it’s the daily ritual of intentional action taking that truly empowers you to navigate life’s ups and downs with grace and resilience, significantly enhancing your overall wellbeing.

Why go to the bother?

10 minute morning self care ritual

Check out the flower in the photo above – it’s turning towards its energy source for support to thrive, and we all know how important the sun is to flowers! This is how important your own inner energy source is – you too will feel magically energised and aligned by turning inward and topping up your self love buckets.

When you start your day intentionally, like with this 10 minute morning self care ritual, it informs your entire being that you’re taking control. This means that the mind, in particular, can’t take over with it’s doubting whiny voice. Rituals create a sacred space for you to nurture your mind, body and soul.

So how can you bring in some self care to an already jam-packed, busy morning?

My 10 minute morning self care ritual

+ Conscious Spiritual Connection

Approx time: 2 mins.

This can be done whilst still in bed, or even doubling up – whilst brushing teeth! Take a few moments to connect with your higher self, by relaxing your body and focusing on source or your higher self. Reflect on a couple of things you’re grateful for and say thank you for the wonderful day ahead to unravel. Ask for guidance and support to stay aligned with light during the day.

+ Power up your body

Approx time 3 mins.

Moving your body first thing gets all the systems working. When the systems are doing their thang, you will feel more energised and less groggy. Totally possible to keep it short & easy. This could be a short yoga sequence like a salute to the sun, a hoover of your living space, or even a super fun dance to a fun song. Listen to your body and choose what feels good for you in that moment. As you move, pay attention to the sensations in your body and allow yourself to be fully present in the moment.

+ Nourishing Breakfast

Approx time beyond normal breakfast making: 5 mins

Treat yourself to a nourishing breakfast that fuels both your body and soul. Prepare a delicious and nutritious meal, taking the time to savour each bite. Whether it’s a colourful smoothie, or a hearty bowl of oatmeal, use your breakfast as a moment of self care and nourishment.

Total time: 10 mins!

Take action

Setting your alarm 10 minutes earlier for this ritual is absolutely worth it. I understand the preciousness of sleep time and the morning rush, especially having with children or extra responsibilities. However, I assure you that these extra 10 minutes are doable and immensely beneficial for your mental health. Treat it like an experiment and witness the positive changes it brings.

For more self-care prompts and support, would you like to download my complimentary Self Care Playsheets? They offer additional guidance and opportunities for a deeper dive into self-care practices.

Remember, even in the midst of a busy morning, you can prioritise yourself and infuse your day with intention. With this 10 minute self care ritual, you’ll embark on your day feeling grounded, revitalised, and ready to embrace whatever comes your way.

Happy self-caring, my wise, intentional friend!

Photo by Aaron Burden

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