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Happi Tips from Margaret the Metaphysics Goddess!

This month’s Happi Tips are from Margaret McElroy, a unique and wonderful metaphysics teacher and deep-trance channel. Margaret taught me the basics of metaphysics back in 2003, from which I gained the inspiration and building blocks to create The Happi Empire!

Welcome to The Happi Empire, Margaret! Whilst here in The Happi Empire, know that your dreams are already coming true, you are loved for just being you and you are just where you are meant to be!


Q1. What are your top 3 tips for maintaining a happi mind?

  1. Try to stay in the ‘now’
  2. Appreciate all that you have in your life
  3. Be at peace in your own silence

Now Is All There IsQ2. How do you integrate these happy tips into your daily life?

I live in the now as much as I can each day, I can’t change the past and the Universe is yet to bring my future. If I don’t try to interfere, the Universe will bring me all I need and more. I look at what I have in my life and feel extremely blessed, I thank the Universe I am not sleeping in a cardboard box and having to stand with a sign begging for money. I live my own life, nobody else’s – they have their own path to take.

Q3. What advice can you offer citizens that are going through tough times?

In 1980 I lost everything I had – my home, car, I had to move state and for five years struggled to pay my debts. I had one dress for two years which I washed each night and wore the next day! I had to go to a charity for a food voucher, for a number of Christmases I couldn’t afford food for the festive season and in the new year couldn’t afford my children’s school books. It was a terrible time, and at one stage I called a suicide line, as I just did not feel I could go on. I did survive this experience, and most of all it taught me about debt – how it can bring you to your knees. I worked hard to clear my debt and had nothing for myself for 5 years, only buying what was necessary. Then I found metaphysics One step at a timeand gradually I began to change. I eliminated fear from my life slowly and eventually became financially successful and ultimately 20 years later became a millionaire! If I can survive, you can, if I can be successful after tough times, you can, you are the creator of your own reality, despite the past. What do you want in your life? – Create it one step at a time.

Q4. And finally, what dream are you creating this year for your beautiful self?

I have my dream – a wonderful husband, a beautiful home, a faithful pet companion (my cat), my family and friends, and a career I call my passion. Despite being beautiful, I have no desires or needs! I am at peace in my life, totally.


Margaret McElroy is a deep trance channel/astrologer/healer; she channels an energy known as Maitreya, and her work takes her all around the globe. Based in Seattle, USA, she and her husband run a successful media business, which will launch in September 2012. In 1999 Margaret addressed a large group of United Nations staff within the UN in New York, her talk was deemed to be the best ever spoken at the UN to this group.

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