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20 Practical Ways To Catch The Ego (unconscious negative thinking)
20 Practical Ways to catch the ego - aka unconscious negative thinking

In order to progress along the path of inner happiness, the number one thing to focus on is undoing the ego thought system.

Every time you chip away at a part of the ego thought system, it’s like opening the curtains to reveal the love that was beaming just behind them all along! The love part is easy, because it’s our natural state. The ego part is where the work needs to be done.

However, the ego is a sneaky little moonpig and can hide in places that you don’t always realise. In this post, I’ve identified 20 ways to catch the ego, mid-act! This is the first step to undo the ego – realising it’s there. Then you can use this forgiveness process to dissolve that part of the thought system once and for all.

Thoughts about yourself

1 – Guilt

Finding yourself feeling guilty about how someone reacted about something you’d done. Whatever the reason for the feeling of guilt, if it’s present then your ego mindset is in full swing. Forgive!

2 – Frustration

Feeling frustrated with yourself for forgetting to return that jumper that you ordered from ASOS. Frustration is a sure sign you’re viewing the world through the ego thought system. Forgive!

3 – Regret & anger

You could have chosen a different path, but you didn’t. Now you’re full of regret and anger. Oh, hello ego! Thanks for letting me know you were in control. Not for long though – forgive!

4 – Comparison and shame

Comparing yourself to someone else and majorly losing the battle. Feeling full of shame for yourself. Oh, F off ego, you evil little C bomb. Oh and there’s some anger! Time to forgive.

5 – Disgust

Looking in the mirror and seeing new wrinkles or cellulite. Looking at yourself with disgust. This is a form of hate and hate is sourced from fear, this is your ego bringing you down and keeping you small, once again. Forgive.

Thoughts about others

6 – Disappointing person in authority

A person in a position of authority tells a lie. Most people don’t notice but you do and this makes you fume with anger! However, your ego is in charge of this feeling and it’s loving it. Choose to view this situation different, in order to let go of the anger. We all know that holding on to anger about someone else is like drinking poison and hoping they die. Time for some focused forgiveness on this one.

7 – Abusive person

Someone behaves in an abusive manner towards you. First step: get the F out of there! Second step: forgive that it ever happened. As above, you can’t hold on to pain surrounding this situation as it’ll only hurt you further. Releasing this situation isn’t condoning abuse, it’s about choosing love for yourself from now on. It’s about you, not them. Forgive to feel free.

8 – Criticising person

A twonk at work says something mean about your outfit. It hurts and you want to bite back. But the only way out of this cycle is to remember who you really are. What you really are. And where you really are. Forgive this situation, for this twonk is only appearing as a twonk in your minds eye because of a deep routed fear about a mistaken thought. Forgive it to create a shift and invite a miracle of love into that part of your life.

9 – Lying, ignorant leader

A country votes in a president that tells lies and leads with a fear-driven philosophy of hate and ignorance. But you can’t let this hurt you because it will degrade your power. Forgive it and seek inner guidance for how to proceed within this framework. Miracles create shifts in this world that can’t be imagined before the forgiveness work is done.

 10 – Noisy neighbour

A neighbour is blaring out loud music and cursing loudly on your street, whilst your baby is trying to sleep. You want to react and are having a whole host of revenge thoughts, but this is not the way to proceed if you want peace. First step is to forgive. Next step is to seek inner guidance from the voice of Love for how to best handle the situation.

All negative behaviour from others is a call to love. If you react with the ego thought system, the negativity is perpetuated. If you go high when they go low, you invite in a shift and release the part of the ego frame work that was holding you in this low vibe.

Mental pain

11 – Depression

That low, hopeless feeling of depression. Whatever caused it. This is a mind caught powerfully in the ego’s grip. Gentle, consistent forgiveness with ease you out of this state.

12 – Anxiety

The trembling, panic of anxiety. Whatever thought form caused it, it was a thought from the ego thought system. To dissipate the anxiety, you need to train your mind, bit by bit, to think in the Love thought system instead. Regular forgiveness is the first step towards this.

13 – Nervousness

That sicky feeling of being nervous before you take a step forward into new territory. Hurl! However, these feelings only arise because your core belief about who you are is off. Practice forgiveness on this situation and these vivid feelings will soften.

14 – Doubt

You’ve been invited to something that you would love to go to, but there are some obstacles. You’re doubting whether you’re meant to go. Doubt is the ego’s pet. Forgive the doubt and seek inner guidance on how to move forward with love.

15 – Indecision

You’ve got a big decision to make, you’ve researched the beejeezus out of it, but you just can’t decide and fear making the wrong decision. Indecision is a conflict of the ego mindset. Time to use forgiveness on the fear of this decision.

Physical pain

16 – Toe stub

You stub your toe on that new table leg in the living room. Ouch! Immediate hot, fizzy pain engulfs your mind, but you suddenly remember that it’s possible to dull physical pain with the mind, by using the forgiveness process. As the body is in ego-mind’s eye, so you have ultimate power! You initiate instant forgiveness practice.

17 – Period pain

One for the ladies – you’ve got really bad period cramps. They’re so bad this month that you cancel your plans and lie on the sofa moaning from the pain. Then something reminds you that there’s a chance you could lessen the discomfort by practicing forgiveness on these physical symptoms. Go through each one and forgive each one 10 times. Keep forgiving until you feel a shift.

18 – Stress headache

You’ve had a stressful day and forgot to drink enough water. You have a headache and it’s throbbing. Use forgiveness to remind you where you really are. This feeling is sourced from your mind, like all physical things. You have power over this.

19 – Disease

Something more serious is happening in your body. A disease has shown up and it’s creating very uncomfortable symptoms that totally crush living a normal daily life. Now, more than ever, you have the space to use forgiveness. Forgive each symptom and the over arching disease name. Keep forgiving until you feel a shift. Do it daily and multiple times a day. Create a list of each symptom to forgive and 10 tick boxes for each symptom.

20 – Discomfort

You’re not sure where this feeling has come from, but there’s a general feeling of being unwell, of discomfort. You don’t need to know the why’s what’s or where’s in order for forgiveness to work. Just forgive whatever is coming up for you in whatever form. Make it a daily practice and do it on everything that upsets your peace of mind.

Creating this list was fun! Do you recognise the ego showing up for you in some of these ways? Don’t waste another second with it being your master, my friend. Activate this forgiveness process, stat! xo
Frances Verbeek, founder of The Happi Empire
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