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Best of Happi Tips & Other 2012 Posts

Chumbawumba, can you believe 2012 is already zooming to a close?

I haven’t even got used to writing the date yet!

Below you will find the best bits of the Happi interviews from 2012. I’ve interviewed 11 sparkling souls, asking them to share their tips for maintaining a happi mind. The wealth of info they shared filled the posts with so much love & depth – check out their combined beaming wisdom…

Here’s some [highlight]highlights[/highlight]:

[quote]I believe the first key is to realise that your mind is not who you are. Just because thoughts are arising, doesn’t mean you have to believe them. ~ Michelle McGrath, Sacred Self[/quote]

[quote]Treat yourself with radical self care and kindness.  You are truly stronger than you think you are and by refusing to beat yourself up and listening to what your heart and soul really needs you will find your way back to your full and vibrant self. ~ Julie Parker, Beautiful You [/quote]

[quote]The purpose of stillness and meditation is to come inward and to decrease the inner chatter and bombardment of technology. The gift is to listen to yourself by observing the way you think and to ask yourself ”How can I be in this divine moment?”. ~ Cimone Louise [/quote]

[quote]See the love in the little things. Be it a dragonfly or a smile of a friend. Love is everywhere if we choose to look for it. Love is always inside us, ready and willing to be felt, just take a moment now to “pause” and breathe in deep to your heart, feel its ever beating presence within you. ~ Terri Lovell, The Crystal Healing Temple [/quote]

[quote] What is the lesson in this? What is the gift in this? What is my soul/this pattern/this experience trying to teach me? Everything in our life is there because we created it. Life does not happen to us, we create it all. If you aren’t creating it consciously, you are creating it subconsciously, and our most challenging experiences are actually gifts trying to bring that which is in our subconscious, trying to bring the contents of our energy fields, to our attention so that if we don’t like something we can change it. ~ Dana MrKich[/quote]

[quote]If I can survive, you can, if I can be successful after tough times, you can, you are the creator of your own reality, despite the past. What do you want in your life? – Create it one step at a time. ~ Margaret McElroy[/quote]

[quote]Look after the body: Eat well, drink lots of water and exercise or get sunlight. Understanding that your physical needs will be different to the needs of others. So experiment with different diet and exercise to learn what works for you. ~ Lee Harris[/quote]

[quote]Surround yourself with happi, positive, inspired people who are fired up about life, it’s like chicken pox after a while you’ll start to catch it! ~ Krista Jane[/quote]

[quote]Take responsibility for our own happiness and let others do the same. Blaming others for the lack of our happiness is just a copout, an excuse not to be happi. What’s stopping you from being happi? ~ Jo Blayney, Inner Circle of Light [/quote]

[quote]What you put into your body determines not only your happiness but your energy levels and cravings. Fueling yourself with wholesome, nourishing goodness is going to support you in living your biggest, best, and fullest life possible. ~ Melissa Ambrosini, Path To Wellness[/quote]

[quote]Treat others like you would like to be treated. Acknowledge the love in all souls. Breathe in life and live, take risk and find your courage. ~ Donna McCormick, Spectrum Healing[/quote]


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Have a peaceful, happy holiday period. Remember to smile at everyone and give yourself some YOU time. Saying NO is OK, bubble baths are great and eating too much on one day of the year is obligatory 😉

Enjoy my peaceful little buntings.

Love to one & all xo



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