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21 Self Care ideas that are completely free!
21 self care ideas that are completely free!

Are you convinced that practicing self care will bring you more peace and fulfilment, but you find it a challenge to know what to do? Here are 21 self care ideas to get you started! All free, easy and doable at home.

The most important thing to remember about self care is that what you need changes often. So the first thing to do is always have a little check in with your soul and find out what you need today. Then use this list below to help with ideas to get what you need!

Self care ideas for your mind

1. Journalling prompt: how do I feel?

2. Journalling prompt: what do I need?

3. Journalling prompt: how can I make today the best it can be for my inner peace and happiness?

4. Repeat positive affirmation through the day: I love and accept myself as I am in this moment

5. Do a guided meditation from YouTube or Spotify

6. Sit still and slowly breath in and out. Count breaths up to 50.

Self care ideas for your body

7. Self massage

8. Bubble bath

9. Facial

10. Manicure & pedicure

11. Moisturise your entire body

12. Lie back and intuitively place crystals on your body. Breathe in the good vibes for 10 mins.

13. Give yourself Reiki or just some white light energy channelled through your hands

14. A 20 min brisk walk

15. A 5 min dance party in your kitchen

16. A yoga class from YouTube

17. Start the day with a water with a few drops of lemon

Self care ideas for your soul

18. Journal about what or who you need to forgive in order to feel better. Remember, forgiveness isn’t about condoning bad behaviour, it’s about setting yourself free of the pain you associate with the past.

19. We can be so hard on ourselves, so try spending a few moments in self-compassion. This could be in a journal, or positive self talk in your head. Be understanding of your situation, tell yourself you’re doing the best you can and that you’re proud.

20. Have some fun with identifying what you want to create in life and use all sorts of manifesting techniques to align with your vision. This can involve dreaming, visualisation, intuition and planning!

21. Spend a chunk of time being creative. Try music, art, craft, writing, making, cooking, singing, playing, dance, drama, poetry, comedy – try any form of self expression! Self expression is a most wonderful form of self care, as it honours who you are and your unique expression in this world. Just remember there is no right or wrong in creativity, the point is to create, not make something perfect.



Self Care tools

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