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3 perspective shifts for self-empowerment
Thought Autopilot control pad

Thought Autopilot control pad

Hello sweet soul, fumbling along your path. Did you know that you have a choice when it comes to feeling empowered?

Please select your preference from the following choices:

Choice one

Life happens to me. Thoughts happen to me. I have no power over how things effect me. I see everything as against me. Other people and things are able to hurt me and I have no control over this. I often attract crapola situations, it’s just my luck. For a lot of things in life, I am a victim.

Choice two

Life is happening, and I react from a higher perspective, knowing that whatever reaction I choose, this is what determines how I will feel, not the actual situation. I choose conscious thoughts to change how I feel about situations. I see that things happen to present choices about what I would like to experience and I choose peace. Other people and things can only hurt me if I allow them, as I am in control of my reactions and feelings. For most things in life, I feel empowered with choices.

Which one would you prefer to experience?

Choice two, huh? But… how the ruddy nora do you shift your perspective to enable choice two way more than choice one? Over to spirit for 3 yummy perspective shifts that will leave you feeling empowered, relieved and aware.

1. Self Responsibility

It’s time to take responsibility for all your feelings and reactions.

You may not have consciously formed the beliefs that keep you experiencing life in victim mode, but you can take charge from now, and turn your life around today.

Take responsibility by starting to wonder about situations in your life that you don’t like. What thoughts do you have about them? Write them down.

Our thoughts point to a belief, formed long ago, now playing on autopilot in our multi-faceted brainboxes.

The good news is, to change a belief, all you need is a gentle perspective shift (like the fact that you can change how you feel by how you think), plus a conscious thought to replace the automatic thought. Try using the Affirmation Creator for this purpose.

Reflect on your day, or week. What has happened this week that made you feel poo? Perhaps it was something small like a driver cutting you up, or something bigger like a woman at the office saying your work is rubbish.

Write out your thoughts about this situ, what feelings does this bring up for you? Notice if you’ve had these thoughts and feelings in other areas of your life. The odds are that you have felt this before, it’s a pattern inside you, but TODAY it’s going to change.

Because you’re consciously looking at it this time, you have a chance to change, to choose something different. Yes that woman is a meany, yes that driver is a total flump, but that’s not the point. The point is how you feel. The point is, you live with yourself 24/7 and we want to make it the shiniest loveliest place to reside.

You want your insides to radiant warmth, love, acceptance, a higher understanding which births a peace beyond anything you’ve ever experienced. And to do that, the work is at the point of how you think about and react to situations.

2. Awareness

It often helps to start off with a higher spiritual perspective, so here it is:

We are all one. One energy focusing various points of itself into supposed separate physical beings. But ultimately, our source is one, and when our physical bods pop their clogs, we go back to being this energy. Love. All together and nothing lost.

Whilst here in the physical, the game is to remember who we really are and realise that everything in life is performing a healing dance to provide opportunities to remember who we are. Love.

Everything that annoys you is a prompt to look inside, shift your perspective and return to love.

How’s that for a perspective shift?! This way of thinking will really change how you act in every area of your life. You realise love is the point, and at some point, you may actually be able to thank the challenges for pointing you back to love.

3. Trust

This is the tricky one. Putting your trust in something invisible, un-scientifically-proven, a beautiful idea.

My advice is to follow your heart, dip a toe in and see how it feels. If it feels good, if things resonate and start to click into place, then this is right for you.

We live in a world where people’s truths build their entire experience and world. From the suicide bombers that believe by killing themselves and others, they are fulfilling gods desire. To the people that believe in love, service to humanity and connection to source.

These peoples truths are made up of beliefs, which have come from thoughts, and are very real to them. This shows that every single person can choose their own truth in this world. Make it up in your mind and make it beautiful. No one can tell you what to create in your mind.

Create a conscious idea and live it. Don’t leave it to be automatically manufactured by the fear-mongering news, what your parents think or what you have been taught through an academic education.

How can you make your truth a beautiful one that will reward you with a life of love, peace, empowerment and joy?

Personally, I am building my little imaginary Happi Empire to pummel my brain (& yours) with reminders to choose love. I have created my life consciously, and it all started with a thought… How can I create a life that will constantly remind me to create a beautiful, empowered mind, thus returning me to love easily, effortlessly, creatively and in a fun way?

What is the thought that will create your truth, life and experience?

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Frances Verbeek, founder of The Happi Empire
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