Sacred abundance symbol

Fran, founder of The Happi Empire

Hello & thank you for exploring the depths of The Happi Empire!

This is my passion and it seems like you might be on my wavelength – hooray! Let’s have a fresh juice and snuggle into the most luxurious, comfy sofa, whilst I tell you a slice of my story.

Read below for a slice of my story.

My story

By trade, I’m an illustrator, graphic and website designer. I create soulful websites for heart-led businesses who help people. You can see my Intuitive Design Studio here. My soul, on the other hand, is a wild, free, playful & creative! I’m dedicated to living naturally, holistically and ultimately I try to use every opportunity I’m challenged by to undo the ego thought system and return to love.

Ego thoughts are the source of all suffering. Learning to undo the ego belief network is the way we return to our innate experience of love. Everything I create at The Happi Empire holds the intention to empower you to lessen suffering in all forms and reveal the love that was blocked.

I want to encourage you to choose peace in every situation. Choose relieving loving thoughts when you feel sad or frustrated, to step back into alignment with your soul. Take care of yourself – mind, body and spirit. Create your dreams.

So many people are getting lost in depression or anxiety these days. This is symbolising a massive difference between what you think you are and who you really are. When we are centred, have headspace, nourish our bodies and process our emotions and feelings, we are connected to who we really are and are therefore aligned and don’t feel depressed or anxious.

How the Empire began

The Happi Empire came about after I left school. I was fed up with academic learning and didn’t have many inspiring options for what to do next. My brother had just come back from a metaphysics retreat a changed man, which impressed Mum & I so much that we decided to go and do it too.

The things I learned on that retreat gave me a complete perspective shift and an urge to share what I learned.
I realised the importance of creating my life and business as a way to immerse myself in these philosophies, so I wouldn’t forget (one of the egos fave ways to keep you stuck!).

Sacred abundance symbol

It started with Happi Cards

In 2004, I created my first product, Happi Cards, to act as reminders of everything I learned on the retreat. Since then, Happi Cards have gone through 4 redesigns and improvements. Happi Cards today, are reminders about simple, universal truths. They have found their way into over 5,000 people’s homes since then (& hopefully their hearts too!).

Happi Cards shift your perspective and keep you on track with who you really are.

At the beginning, selling Happi Cards was a very part-time hobby. I attended a lot of personal & spiritual development workshops & classes, and got a bit lost in the distractions of life. A few years later, I launched The Happi Empire in 2011.

The name ‘The Happi Empire’ was derived from Happi Cards. The ‘i’ symbolising inner happiness, rather than seeking for it outside of ourselves.

I designed the original Gratitude Journal (which has since had a redesign) and the following year a range of mini action pads and the Self Care Playbook. During this time, I also created greetings cards, A3 and A4 inspiring prints and the old favourite Happi Licence!

Putting the power in your hands

The Happi Empire has evolved a lot over the years, but everything I offer here always utilises your own inner power. Each product has been an organic process as a result of something I really needed in my life. If I can’t find something that can help me in a certain way, I create a reminder or exercise. 

The Playsheets are a great way to keep tabs on your self-love maintenance. The Gratitude Journal meets you wherever you are and helps you to reach for thoughts to bring in more joy. And my mini meditations are useful for bringing yourself back to centre.

Delve in and see where you’re guided to today. It might just be the next thing to unlock your inner joy potential.


The initial metaphysics retreats I attended were run by Margaret McElroy, who channeled Maitreya. After that I studied Abraham Hicks, Colin Tipping, Louise Hay, Eckhart Tolle, Belinda Davidson, astrology, Reiki, energy, meditation, yoga and the Medical Medium. I had also dipped my toe in and out of A Course In Miracles, a course & text for enlightenment & inner peace.

After all these years of study, I’ve reached a point where I don’t feel the need to search any more. I’m still very much a student, but for me, A Course In Miracles has all the answers. It teaches about oneness & undoing the ego belief system. It’s written to be a self study course and is purely a mind-training course to undo the ego & return to the experience of oneness & love.

If you are interested in learning about ACIM, I recommend buying it along with ‘Disappearance of the Universe’ by Gary Renard, to help get your head around the Shakespeare-esque teachings. Feel free to also download my ‘A Course In Miracles Dictionary‘, which translates the words used in ACIM!