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How to Create your Perfect Personal Affirmation
Affirmation Creator Action Pad

Would you like to create a perfect personal affirmation? Affirmations are positive conscious thoughts that, when used often, create new beliefs. This in turn creates new experiences, as when you believe and feel differently about yourself, a major shift occurs.

The reason affirmations, aka positive statements, are so powerful is because your thoughts create your life. This is how your mind works:

  1. We have thoughts and beliefs formed from past experiences and influences
  2. We have feelings and emotions that are created from believing these thoughts
  3. We take action on these feelings
  4. This creates the experiences in your life

We all hold negative beliefs about ourselves, so by employing a personal affirmation, you can change your belief, resulting in a changed experience.

Let’s create your perfect personal affirmation…

Create your perfect personal affirmation


Has an affirmation worked for you? What helped with the process?

For regular guidance on creating personal affirmations, check out my Affirmation Creator Action Pad!!!

The Affirmation Creator action pad is small, cute and pretty simple really – it will take you through a process to identify the negative belief and create an affirmation to attract what you’d prefer in life.

Affirmation Creator Action Pad

“I have incorporated the use of the Affirmation Creator action pad [in my Emotion Freedom Technique workshop series] to help focus the EFT tapping rounds. We workshop through the action pad and discuss how using an affirmation is the best way to set the intention of the tapping process and then record the steps in the pad to practice tapping throughout the week.

Your method in the action pad is simple and extremely complimentary to the whole Energy EFT practice. Thank you for such an awesome resource in your website and blog. Keep it up Fran!”

– Brylie Roach // Community Mental Health Practitioner


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