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Daily practices: Love Jar
Love Jar

How can you really implement this lovely positive stuff into your daily life? How can you remember to remember? Which practice is best & how often should you do it? All these questions shall be answered in this new set of posts about Daily Practices!

Daily practice #1: The Love Jar

Love JarWhat is a Love Jar?

I watched a lovely video by my friend Cimone-Louise over at Think Beautiful today, which reminded me about the power of having a Love Jar. Cimone-Louise calls it a Gratitude Jar, and I have one here at home called a Manifesting Jar. I sometimes have the jar on my market stall and it’s very popular with people wanting to post their big dreams to the Universe to help create them. I’ve decided to call it a Love Jar here as a generic name, because below, you are going to have the opportunity to make, customise & name your very own Love Jar!

Using a Love Jar daily, expands your mind to the possibility of attracting what you want in life. The more we think and urge our desires towards us, the quicker they arrive. Posting a love note into your Love Jar daily gives you that excuse and practice to focus on your dreams, and it’s kinda fun!


How to make a Love Jar

  1. Find a suitable container. The container needs to be able to hold approximately 50 folded pieces of small paper, and needs to have a slit or opening for you to be able to post your love notes. Some ideas: large old food jar, a shoe box, a pretty bag that you don’t use often, a decorative bird cage (this is what I’m using, weird huh!).
  2. Decorate your Love Jar! And if it’s not a jar? Well decorate your Love non-Jar! This is the bit where the love starts to flow. Make your Love Jar pretty, funky, bright, sophisticated, whatever makes you happy! Match it to your decor, or make it stand out. Use wrapping paper, glitter, magazine pictures, paint, Happi Cards, whatever you fancy to decorate your Love Jar. I decided to stay simple and use colourful notes which show through the jar to add its colour & love.
  3. Find a home for your Love Jar. This bit is important for the daily practice part. Your Love Jar needs to be somewhere where you will see it every day. Somewhere inconvenient would be perfect! In the kitchen in front of the toaster, on top of the toilet, on your bedside table in front of your clock. Your Love Jar wants to be SEEN and USED!
  4. Organise a pile of love notes. love notesYour love notes are what you will write on and post into your Love Jar. I find that colourful sticky notes are nice to use, as they come in bright colours and are a cute, compact size. You could recycle paper you’ve only used one side of, or have a little notebook alongside your Love Jar.
  5. Name it and give it a purpose. Decide what your main focus currently is on your spiritual path. Are you cultivating Self-love? Are you manifesting things for your life? Do you want to feel more joy and happiness? You could choose to have an overall umbrella name, like Love Jar, and post all sorts of lovely stuff in it. You could call it ‘Gratitude’ and start each day with posting what you’re grateful for to bring in more happy thoughts and feelings. I like the idea of a Self-Love jar – you can post compliments to yourself, reasons why you’re great, hot, lovely, funny etc.
  6. Post love notes daily. Post post post. Make it part of your routine. Post whilst brushing your teeth, or when you first get home. It’s going to be in a really inconvenient place so you’ll definitely see it! I find this practice so lovely and fun. It’s practical, it gets your mind in the happy zone, it helps you focus on your dreams, it’s empowering and you get to try out all sorts of different handwriting! Oh is that just me? Hm.

Printable Love Jar signs

I’ve designed some delicious signs you can choose to use for your Love Jar, if any of these names resonate. Click below to print them off, cut out the one you like & attached to your beautiful Love Jar!!

Download the printable PDF here

A selection of Love Jar signs


I would love to see your Love Jar creation! Post a pic on The Happi Empire facebook wall, or write below with what Love Jar you’re going to create.

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