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Dancing in your bedroom: You Can Do It!!!!!
Dancing in your bedroom: you can do it!

Dancing in your bedroom: you can do it!

I do it, and you can too!

Kids have got so much right about living a happy life – imagination, jumping in puddles, telling people they love them without fear of rejection, making expressive sounds when they feel like it, dancing in their bedroom….

I have never got over dancing at home. It makes me so happy & I hope I will still be dancing when I’m 100! I know other people do it too, but it doesn’t get admitted often enough, so I’m here to tell you [typography font=”Montserrat Alternates” size=”18″ size_format=”px” color=”#000″]it’s OK to dance in your bedroom![/typography] It’s the ultimate happi-inducing activity & expression!

Here’s why & how to get your groove on….

The whys:

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  • It gets your heart pumping fresh oxygenated blood around your gorgeous body… that’s good for so many reasons, including a prevention for a lot of brain-related illnesses (e.g., depression, OCD, alzheimers) as these are caused or made worse by a deficiency of blood or oxygen flow to the brain.
  • You can’t help but crack a smile whilst moving to the beat / catching a glimpse of your diva-self in the mirror
  • A fun, free & stressless way to get a toned sexy bod
  • You get an endorphin buzzz in just one songs worth of dance! A natural high!


The hows:

This is how I do it… but you can just choose the steps you’re comfortable with and maybe even throw in a few creative ones of your own!

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  • Close your bedroom door… or leave open for an audience!
  • Put on your fave tune of the moment. So many different tunes work, depending on how you feel. It could be anything from a power ballad to a pumping dance choon.
  • Jump on the bed for extra buoyancy or get in front of a mirror!
  • Make your moves! Sway, jump, pump, swirl, whish, thrust, pop, beyonce-move, express, repeat!


There are SO many shapes waiting to be thrown… don’t be shy, use them today for your happi maintenance!!

Disclaimer: If you hurt yourself whilst making shapes, you can’t blame me! Just go within your limits sunshine 😉

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