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Discipline will set you free! (Plus 9 disciplines to try)
Discipline will set you free

My breakthrough

happi downward dogI’ve been going to my yoga & meditation class every week for the last 5 months and that is a major breakthrough for me! I rarely stick at anything for this long that isn’t ‘obligatory’.

This morning I really didn’t feel like going. I went for a power walk before work, so I was thinking my exercise was done for the day and maybe I could just chill this morning. I even tried to convince myself that my feelings were my guide and that I really shouldn’t go. I mentioned this to my boyfriend and he said:

“You should go. Discipline will set you free!”

This statement pulled on my ‘dream life’ strings and fired me into action! You see, I lack discipline. I maintain very few healthy routines in my life, apart from basic ones like brushing my teeth, showering and eating. Everything that seems to be a ‘spiritual luxury’ gets done every now and then as a treat, or when inspiration strikes.

vertigoThe reason I started going to yoga regularly was because I got hit by vertigo & anxiety in January, and I found that Yoga & meditation – specifically with an experienced teacher to hold me accountable – was the only thing that let me switch off & be at peace, at the time.

Discipline is a path to self-love & inner happiness

By disciplining yourself in some basic you-loving practices, you will be blessed with automatic self-love & holistic wellness.

heartThe happi products are my contribution for making discipline more do-able, more fun. By creating beautiful tools to use that help you with your spiritual focus, you will feel more inclined to practice these love-inducing, peace practices.

If you’re like me and find that if you could only be a little more disciplined, then your dream business would flourish, your spiritual practice would bring you great joy and you would live a more healthy lifestyle, here’s some disciplines you could try and adopt, to set you free:

  • 3 deep, right-into-your-tummy breaths, every morning, noon & night

  • Write in your Gratitude Journal every morning or evening

  • Attend a weekly yoga class that resonates with you, for 6 whole months

  • Fill in and action the activities on your Happi Maintenance Pad, every morning

  • Make sure your physical body is looked after, by regular dentist and doctor check ups

  • Eat fresh whole-foods at every single meal

  • Exercise every day

  • Do one thing towards your dream life every day

  • Meditate & ask for guidance for one minute before making decisions

In which areas of your life is discipline a challenge for you?

If you had to take on one discipline from the list above, which one would you choose?

Or is there a different discipline you’d like to try?

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Frances Verbeek, founder of The Happi Empire
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