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Distribution deal

Dream big, little one

One of my big dreams since first designing Happi Cards back in 2005, was to get a big distributor to sell them into as many shops as possible and conquer the world, happi style!

It’s been a long journey and looking back, every step has been necessary to get to this point. Happi Cards were the start of something much bigger, an Empire to be exact! The amount of creating, selling, meditating and part time jobs I endured has all been worth it!

Chunky distribution deal

Last week I signed an agreement with Brumby Books & Music, the biggest Mind-Body-Spirit distributor for books, stationery and music, so Happi Cards and friends will now be spread across Aus & NZ. Proof that manifesting works a treat, don’t you forget it!!

A new direction

Up until now, I’ve had the burden of cold-call selling to retail outlets, which is not a fun job. Brumby are experts at this very task and will propel The Happi Empire products out into the world, enabling me to run into the wild fields of deliciously creative endeavours.

Now I have this support for the selling aspect with Brumby, I can fully relax into creating beautiful products to support you & I, in choosing a life filled with love, peace, happiness and FUN! COOOOL!


Happi products will be available through Brumby Books and Music from March or April (to be confirmed). Please ask your local Brumby Rep for details on orders for retail. If you aren’t already in contact with Brumby as a distributor, please contact me and I’ll help you out.

Anyhoo, beautiful dreamers, watch this space, it’s gonna bloom!

ps. What’s your big dream? Write it out below and stick at it, dreams come true x

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