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Feel guilty about practising self-care?
How to shift the self care guilt

I was excited to contribute an article to The Ladies Coach this month – a popular blog founded by relationship coach, Christal Fuentes.

I wanted to suggest a little re-frame for what practising self care REALLY is… just in case you’re feeling guilty, or your ego is telling you it’s not a priority 😉

There’s an excerpt below and you can read the full thing here.


Allow me shift to your perspective

On the surface, practicing self care seems like a luxury, because it’s misunderstood as unnecessary self-interest, like a feel-good fix. At this level of understanding, the ego will be able to dig its guilty little heels in and keep you away from your precious me-time. Our ego’s favourite weapon is guilt. It will bring guilt into all sorts of life scenarios to keep you stuck.

So the key to overcoming guilt lies in understanding what self care really is.

The term ‘self care’ is a buzzword. It’s a term coined to sum up a much deeper process of returning to who you really are, which ultimately, is the purpose of your life.

To quote Gabrielle Bernstein:

“I am a spirit, having a human experience and I’m here to get closer to Love”.

The deeper reason to practice self care is to return your mind to Love.



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