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Fran's spiritual resume

Most employers like to see a resume or CV outlining the experience, achievements and accreditations of a potential employee.

I personally found the academic world of learning & work completely out of alignment with my innate skills & expression. Very rigid, full of judgement and hierarchy, lacking in self expression & free thinking. Maybe you feel the same to a certain degree? In school they teach you that this is the only way to succeed in life, but news flash: it’s not!

When I realised there are other ways to thrive that are in alignment with your creative expression, I started building a resume that my dream employer would be impressed by! (I imagine there aren’t actually any jobs that fit this resume, but if it doesn’t exist, then create it yourself!). 

I’m not academically trained in anything past 18, it just didn’t resonate with me, so I fled so far from the education that was thrust upon me, that I ended up being taught metaphysics by an ascended master at 19yrs old!

Courses, retreats & workshops

  • Beginners Metaphysics Retreat with Margaret McElroy and Maitreya (2004)
  • Advanced Metaphysics Retreat with Margaret McElroy and Maitreya (2005)
  • Brotherhood Metaphysics Retreat with Margaret McElroy and Maitreya (2007)

These retreats taught me the fundamentals of spiritual development, life purpose, deep meditation, channelling, tools, energy healing and techniques for healing, growth and channelling

  • ‘Unleash the power within’, Tony Robbins powerful 4 day seminar
  • The Artists Way Course by Julia Cameron, Facilitated by Sam Avery
  • Animal Totems at at IPU
  • You Can Heal Your Life sessions
  • Reiki I with Avril
  • Meditation course with Heidi Jane
  • NLP intro course with Gordon Young, NLP & Hypnotherapy Master Practitioner
  • Angel channelling workshop with Gillian Holland
  • Inner Child Art course with Samantha Avery
  • Beginners Astrology Course with Jill
  • Multiple Visionboard workshops
  • Gary Renard seminars in London & Sydney – Diving deeper into A Course In Miracles
  • Reiki 2 with Samantha Avery
  • Regular yoga since 2012
  • Bright Eyed & Blog Hearted with Rachel McDonald
  • Work Your Light Retreat with Rebecca Campbell
  • Wholly Shift guided healing sessions with Laura Hames Franklin
  • School of the Modern Mystic with Belinda Davidson
  • A Course In Miracles conference 2019
  • Alchemy meditation & inquiry with Amy Harwood
  • Manifesting course with Sarah Akwisombe

Self study

A Course In Miracles

Disappearance Of The Universe

Radical Forgiveness

You Can Heal Your Life

Ask & It Is Given

Autobiography of a Yogi

Conversations With God

The Body Is A Barometer For The Soul


The Crystal Bible

The Secret Language of your Body

A New Earth

Spiritual teachers

Gary Renard

Eckhart Tolle

Louise Hay

Spiritual practices

ACIM Forgiveness

Morning Pages / Journalling / Automatic writing


Crystal healing


Sound healing with singing bowls & voice

Reading books





Conscious Breathing


People I recommend or am affiliated with. I think of them as my spiritual colleagues (and friends!)

Amy Grace Harwood, spiritual teacher, healer, artist & alchemist

Joey Hulin, writer & retreat leader

Aimee Stapleford, yoga teacher & creative arts therapist

Dana Mrkich

Corinne Zupko