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Happi Tips by Donna the Lightworking Goddess!

Donna McCormick is a channel & healer, booked out well into 2013! This is a lady in demand! The sparkling heart behind Spectrum Healing  is burning her way through her life mission – to heal the equality of female energy on earth. Donna is passionate about re-instating ‘goddess energy’  into every facet of life and attracts clients that need to heal this part of them.

Welcome to The Happi Empire, Donna! Whilst here in The Happi Empire, know that your dreams are already coming true, you are loved for just being you and you are just where you are meant to be!

Q1. What are your top 3 tips for maintaining a goddess state-of-mind?

Set strong intentions and come from a place of love, allowing yourself to always flow with the universe and bringing the opportunities of life to you ready to action. Remember the true Goddess natural state is to be and in her being energies are received!

Q2. How do you integrate these tips into your daily life?

I truly try on all levels to live through my intentions and live from love, to honour my natural state. I wish for my life to be peaceful as I see all of life as an experience. I try not to focus on the concept of duality, that being it must be categorised into a positive or negative state but rather just an experience that in turn helps you grow deeper into self mastery.

Treat others like you would like to be treated. Acknowledge the love in all souls. Breathe in life and live, take risk and find your courage.

Q3. Can you offer one piece of advice for happi citizens going through tough times?

Connect with spirit and nature. Ignite the freedom with you and the tough times never seems so bad.

Q4. And finally, what dream are you creating this year for your beautiful self?

For the end of 2012 and moving into 2013 I am living …really living!! I’m connecting all the dots and integrating all 4 counterparts of my soul into a place of balance, as living is all about the physical realm. I am so in my body; its all about the vessel that holds my soul!!!

Detox, exercise, trance dancing, eating raw, laughing with other humans and divine mother nature, hugging trees brings me so much joy, connecting to life. My dream is to live life as a spiritual being in human form with balance and harmony. I have been detoxing for 31 days and my body is loving! 2013 is all about manifesting your deepest dreams, the energies are absolutely behind you.



Spectrum Healing is a boutique healing practice for the Body, Heart, Soul & Energy. Practice founder & principal, Donna McCormick, is a Spectrum Healer, Advanced Lightworker with an open conscious channel working directly with Spirit, your Guides & Higher Self. Donna draws energy, knowledge & wisdom from the spiritual world to help you understand & heal the blockages & fears from the past & the present. The gained peace of mind gives you clarity, truth and awareness to move forward in your life.

Donna’s vision for Spectrum Healing is simple: to empower & teach individuals to heal themselves to live their true life path & purpose, ultimately bringing health, balance, clarity, truth, love and peace to their life.

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As a spiritual student, I started The Happi Empire to help others find happiness and fulfilment in their lives. I design creative tools to help you process life and align with the light.


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