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Happi Tips by Melissa, the nutrition goddess!
Melissa Ambrosini

Melissa AmbrosiniHave you considered the effect food might have on your emotional states? Melissa Ambrosini, the heart behind Path To Wellness, has the answers! Melissa’s Happi Tips will shed light on the link between food & happiness. Melissa is a passionate wellness coach, combining health & life coaching to transform your life into one of authenticity, truth & enthusiasm 😀 

Welcome to The Happi Empire, Melissa! Whilst here in The Happi Empire, know that your dreams are already coming true, you are loved for just being you and you are just where you are meant to be!

Q1. How does food affect our happiness levels?

apple = happi, burger = blueWhat you put into your body determines not only your happiness but your energy levels and cravings. Fueling yourself with wholesome, nourishing goodness is going to support you in living your biggest, best, and fullest life possible. If you eat crap you are going to feel crappy. It’s that simple! I help my clients get in touch with their body and understand what their body needs. Everyone is different so it’s important you know and listen to your body.

Q2. What are your top three nutritional tips for maintaining a happy mind?

  1. Eat REAL organic fresh whole foods from the farmers’ markets.
  2. Drinks loads of clean, filtered water.
  3. Quit eating sugar.

Q3. How do you integrate these tips into your daily life?

For me, it’s not even a matter of how. I just do! I make my health and wellbeing a priority. Integrating these steps into life is just about making yourself and your health a priority. For ‘busy’ people planning, preparation and organization is key. Set aside some time each week to shop, chop, prepare, and plan for the week ahead. This way you will never be caught off guard. Within my coaching program, I teach my clients how integrate a healthy lifestyle and attitude into your life so they never have to diet again.

Q4. Are there specific foods that can support peeps going through low times?

Absolutely! A diet high in colorful fruit and vegetables, activated nuts and seeds, pasture-raised animal products and clean water is 100% going to support you through a rough time. Foods with artificial sugar, salt, preservative, and additives are only going to spike your insulin levels and take you on an emotional rolla coaster ride. It’s best to stay away from those as much as possible. After coaching with me, you will no longer even crave those foods.

Q5. And finally, what dream are you creating this year for your beautiful self?

Every day is like a dream for me. Every day, I get another opportunity at this game we call life. Some exciting upcoming things are: healthTALKS which is launching on the first of October. My first eBook will be out. I am off to New York for RHH Live a women entrepreneurial three-day mega-conference + loads of love + deep connections + laughter and family time.


Melissa is on a heartstring mission to help empower women. To inspire women to discover the shiniest and fullest version of themself. Coaching with Melissa will allow you to dig deep and discover your true authentic self, allow you to flex your self-love muscle, become a miracle magnet, jump out of bed with fist pumping enthusiasm, get on purpose, set crystal clear intentions, become your own guru, realize your truth and live from your heart.

Sound good? Then contact her today for your FREE initial consultation. Your dream life is waiting!

Melissa is a fully qualified health and life coach. She received her training from the Institute Of Integrative Nutrition and Be Free People. If you want to live the life of your dreams contact her today!

Melissa’s website:

Melissa Ambrosini - Path to Wellness

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