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Happi Tips from Terri the Crystal Goddess!
Terri Lovell

Terri Lovell


Yay! It’s the start of a new month, which means we get to read more Happi Tips from a wise Happi Citizen ! You will love what the wonderful Terri Lovell has to share below, her passion leaps off the screen and hits you in the heart chakra! 

A huge welcome to The Happi Empire, Terri! Whilst here in The Happi Empire, know that your dreams are already coming true, you are loved for just being you and you are just where you are meant to be :)


Q1. What are your top 3 tips for maintaining a happi mind?

Nature: I feel it is so vital that we spend time outside in nature. I like to begin my day outside with my morning cuppa or going for a walk to open and expand my mind, energy and seeing the blessings nature has for us. Nature refreshes my mind through breathing in the fresh air to seeing birds fly. I love to connect and enjoy the energies of crystals, water, trees, the sand and more. I have such gratitude for our incredible Mother Earth, we are so blessed to live here and be open to all that she has to offer. Breathing in the fresh air, doing exercise in nature, feeling movement in our bodies and the strength within us. I choose crystals each day to be with me or do they choose me? I work closely with crystals and this always makes me happy, their energy, colour and connecting with them to support me in my day ahead. I use the crystals to wear as jewellery or a stone to meditate with to set intentions for my day ahead or to clear an old thought to assist me to bring in a new empowering perspective, I find Carnelian & Smokey Quartz has been great for this lately. They are like my piece of nature I can take anywhere.

Love: To see the love in the little things. Be it a dragonfly or a smile of a friend. Love is everywhere if we choose to look for it. Love is always inside us, ready and willing to be felt, just take a moment now to “pause” and breathe in deep to your heart, feel its ever beating presence within you. Too often I have caught myself out, looking on the outside for answers and then laugh at myself as I am then reminded to feel my heart and breathe into the space of love within, I then surrender the worry and know the answer will be there when I least expect it. So much power it letting go.

Oh and the most important, is to be LOVE. Just be it, just be LOVE.

Gratitude: I love gratitude. It is so simple to be grateful, but somehow we forget and have to bring ourselves back to gratitude. Gratitude raises your energy vibration, it opens you up to feel wonderful and to be aware. As we give gratitude for the healthy bodies, minds, homes, food and more we really get to see the big picture. And how the negative mind chatter is energy depleting not energy enhancing. Just to be grateful to walk with healthy limbs, to read with clear eyes, to drink water from the tap and eat the foods we do, is so wonderful. Then to feel gratitude for the people you love, the people you just met and setting gratitude intentions for the positive loving people you will meet, is exciting! We can shift our energy in an instant with gratitude. I just love it, its so empowering for the mind, heart and soul.

How do you integrate these happy tips into your daily life?

Nature, Love and Gratitude. They blend into my life like a symphony. I am a big outdoors person. I like to begin my day outside and from there the love and gratitude just flow. The reason for that is, I look for the beauty in nature and feel gratitude.

I believe happiness is a choice. You can either want it and know you can experience, feel and be it, or you can feel the out-of-power feeling of thinking your happiness is in someone else’s, or something else’s hands. Happiness is a choice, and I create it in my own life by seeing the good, magic and treasures in people, places and importantly seeing and feeling inside myself. If ever I am feeling out of sorts, lost or sad I just focus on what my true hearts desires are. I will always do this with a crystal, Rose Quartz, Chrysoprase or Lapis Lazuli. I find the crystals I choose are right for that time, to soften my mind and open my heart to hear & clear my focus. I have a big love for Crystals, I use Crystals to enhance what it is that I am needing. They are beautiful to look at an incredible to work with. They have worked so closely with me on my journey of raising my consciousness and I feel so much gratitude for them.

I used to get a message years ago “keep it clean” and I would laugh thinking ‘oh he he like a dirty joke.’ But that guidance is really ringing true more than ever before. Its like my energetic filters on high alert letting me know if I was thinking negatively, entering a negative environment, or spending too much time with negative energies. So this is a way I allow myself self love by spending time with positive people, listening to positive words & music, reading inspiring words and eating healthily. I am keeping it clean. It’s my choice and I feel loving toward myself for listening to me.

I find journaling is a great way of knowing more of my own story, and appreciating my story as it has helped shape who I am. I also like to keep in mind that everyone has a story and everyone’s story is so important to them, we each have so much to offer.

What advice can you offer citizens that are going through tough times?

Spend time out in nature, buy yourself a beautiful journal and label it your Gratitude Journal. Write on the front page: “I now choose to feel and be happy and allow all the joys of happiness to fill me!”

As you write in your journal enjoy every bit of it, if you aren’t feeling so happy just know that the feeling will pass, or need you to clear it for a new energy to replace or transform it, and be loving to yourself. Ask yourself:

“What would love do?” and your heart will expand and you will know just what is right for you. Remember that your happiness is for you and it will naturally uplift others being with you. You don’t need to do anything, your energy of happiness will do it for you.

Give yourself the gift of time in nature, stop and watch nature unfold. Find a crystal you are drawn to, or wear it and see how it feels to you, connect with it and allow it to connect with your energy to support and expand you.

Spend time breathing the breath of life into your heart, hold a crystal to do this, really take the time to do this and be in your heart not your head. Take time to feel your Angels & guides around you, and look out for repetitive signs – a feather, a colour or something else showing up a lot for you, bringing your attention to and thank it for coming to bless your life.

Read wonderful inspiring books, articles and affirmations. Listen to beautiful music and look at how you can bring love into everything you do and how you can then bring the essence of love into each room of your home, office, car and more. You might choose a picture, crystal, feather, plant and more and this is your reminder to yourself that your life is a gift for you to feel great

And finally, what dream are you creating this year for your beautiful self?

I have listened to myself with love and honour, to be full time in my own business. Wow!!! It is so exciting and I feel nervous at times but that nervousness reminds me just how important it is to me. To follow my heart and my passions. My guides guided me to do meditation classes again, and I argued and then I listened and I now have one full class and needing to create space for the second. So I am getting out of my own way and allow my heart to guide me. I am working on my website and creating this with joy and embracing the new technology that I am working with and loving it more than I thought.

I am feeling the fear and doing it anyway. It is my desire to teach more and I will be holding quite a few fabulous workshops this year, and have already completed some and I am jumping for joy at the response.

I am also creating & engaging in the most special enriching loving relationships in my life through speaking from my heart and honouring my truth. I have let go of any false ideas of doing things to keep others happy, this is the time to follow my heart and feel safe to love with all my heart and allow the bliss to follow.


Terri has always enjoyed her gift of engaging people with what makes them tick. Terri teaches Children’s Crystal Workshops, Adult Crystal Workshops, Reiki 1 & 2 and Meditation. She provides clear and guided Readings connecting people with their Soul path, from their current situation through to illuminating their true potentials.

With Terri’s great love of Crystals this has extended into Crystal Jewellery design, for the person to be able to wear what it is that they are needing the most, enhancing and bringing out the crystals energy gift. Take a moment to browse through Terri’s website: and Terri’s facebook page: The Crystal Healing Temple

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