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How the forgiveness process from A Course In Miracles dissolves suffering
How the forgiveness process from A Course In Miracles dissolves suffering

The forgiveness process from A Course In Miracles is the most awe inspiring spiritual practice I’ve ever come across. It brings relief to all forms of suffering and dissolves them at the root.

We’re all seeking happiness and life improvement

In one form or another we’re always seeking. Whether it’s climbing the career ladder, wanting more money, certain people to play roles in our life or wanting answers to health issues.

We’re constantly looking for the next thing that will make us happy, or bring us relief. But why? Is life supposed to be a constant game of lack – temporary fulfilment – lack? Why does no one ever win and stay won?

Something is wrong or missing

Deep inside at our core, there is a sense of lack. We all experience this to different degrees. How does this show up for you? Is it like an obvious siren of absence? Or background noise that you only notice on occasion?

How it shows up is different for everyone, but it all comes from the same place. The way it shows up is actually symbolic of what we’re really searching for.

Great spiritual teachers have taught this throughout the ages and have always provided the same answer: that nothing out there in the world of perception will ever satisfy you, or make you happy or bring peace for long.

There are ways to find temporary improvement or happiness, and this might even last for a few years in certain areas of your life. But sooner or later, you’ll feel it again. And the cycle won’t stop if you continue to look for answers outside of yourself.

We need to look much deeper, because our core belief is off.

If you wouldn’t mind laying down on my squishy psych couch for just a mo, let’s delve deep into the questions that everything else is built upon.

Who are you really? Where are you really? What is the point?

The common consensus is that we’re physical humans. We are on planet earth. The point is to live, connect, create, find meaning and die. Or something like that.

Everything else we believe is built upon this.

So what if this core belief isn’t true? What would happen if you believed something else? What could be built upon new core beliefs and how could everything be different?

By just one change at the deep core of our belief system, everything changes.

And this is how forgiveness works, when you practice it in the way that A Course In Miracles suggests. You can create miracles every day, because your experience is much more pliable.

When you change the way you view the world, your outer world changes accordingly.

You can shift any form of suffering with this huge, tiny change!

It’s huge, because everything in your life will change (for the better). It’s tiny because it’s just one core belief!

The forgiveness process from A Course In Miracles goes a little something like this.

We are one, an extension of God (aka Love), we are not separate, we are not physical. We are dreaming of this physical experience, it’s an illusion. This is the core belief we are changing to base everything else upon.

Within us, in the stillness, we have access to Spirit, the voice for God (aka Love). This connection is our way out of suffering. Spirit dissolves all forms of suffering, at your will. This is possible due to the core belief shift – we’re not really here. We’re not separate physical bodies enduring various forms of suffering. We are only dreaming we are.

When we shift our mind away from the dream and into love (reality) the suffering dissolves because we no longer identify with the dream world.

It’s obviously a massive core shift in thinking and it’s important to arrive at it fully through experiences, rather than just reading the words and agreeing in some abstract form deep within, it’s probably true. To be clear, A Course In Miracles means this literally. And through experiences of meditation, connecting to Spirit and trying out the forgiveness process, that is how you’ll come to embody this practice and it’ll have the most benefit.

The words you use aren’t important.

The intent and core shift in perspective are the things that matter. You can use it on anything and everything. The aim of the game (of life) is to forgive whatever is coming up for you each day. That is your forgiveness path and it will be different for everyone. But kind of the same, at the same time. We’re all just forgiving whatever is bothering us right NOW, in order to experience miracles.

A miracle is an act of love. It happens because we’ve shifted our perspective successfully about a specific type of suffering we were experiencing, so the block is removed and the love that was behind it all along BEAMS! We experience it as the suffering dissolving and feeling peace & relief in its place.

Try it out now:

Take a few seconds to reflect on what is bothering you right now. Don’t lose yourself to the ego story. Just note it in a phrase like ‘angry with friend’, ‘upset by driver’, ‘feeling I have failed’, ‘scared about Covid-19’.

  1. Connect with Spirit.
  2. Say ‘I forgive the driver for cutting me up and putting our lives in danger’.
  3. ‘I forgive myself for dreaming the driver cut me up and put our lives in danger’. (the core shift)
  4. ‘I’m actually at home in Spirit with everything and everyone I love. I never left. Everything is OK.’

Depending on how much you allow your mind to accept this perspective, it’s possible to feel instant relief. I’ve been practicing for a few years now and get instant relief almost every time. But things do come back again and again until you have forgiven them fully.

Have fun with it! I recommend reading any books by Gary Renard to further study A Course In Miracles teachings in a down-to-earth and practical way.

A Course In Miracles Dictionary

Have you attempted to read A Course In Miracles or started the workbook? If you’re anything like me, you might be highly baffled, confused or put-off by the language. It uses similar words to the Christian language, however, this is not a Christian text and the words have different meanings to the ones we’re used to.

This isn’t super helpful when you’re trying to put the wisdom into practice in your own life, but don’t worry – I’ve created a dictionary that contains definitions of commonly used phrases and words in the course. I’ve tried to make these as non-mystical and straight-forward as possible.

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