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How to protect yourself from Coronavirus
How to protect yourself from Coronavirus

As there’s a lot of fear going around about Coronavirus at the moment, I wanted to share ways to holistically protect yourself. Public broadcasts aren’t really telling us anything about how to protect ourselves. It’s great to wash your hands, not touch your face and stop shaking hands, but when we all finally get this virus, we need our bodies to be able to dispose of it ASAP. This exact job is what our livers are for. Yay for livers!!

You can protect yourself holistically in loads of empowering, healthy ways. Let’s look at the physical first…

How to physically protect yourself from Coronavirus

I was so fortunate to find out about Anthony William last summer. He has a special gift of channelling accurate health information that isn’t yet discovered by medical science, but will be in the decades to come. I highly recommend reading his books, as they give you extremely detailed health information about why you have certain symptoms – from autoimmune and IBS to diabetes and arthritis – and how to heal them. I have been following his protocols for 6 months now and I feel SO much better. I am so excited to share this info with you.

For a simplified summary: we are all exposed to a crazy amount of pathogens (viruses & bacteria) and environmental toxins (herbicides, plastics, VOCs, mould, fumes, heavy metals). This stuff is everywhere, we really can’t get away from it in this modern age. On top of this, we have high fat diets, and experience regular stress and anxiety which overwhelms ours livers. These things combined create a host of symptoms that medical science don’t know the causes of yet, including auto-immune, skin issues, gut issues and the majority of cancers.

In order to heal ourselves from any mystery symptoms we might be experiencing, step one is to get real about how much these baddies are effecting us. (a shit load)

Anthony reveals these pathogens are the cause of many cancers, heart problems, autoimmune diseases, digestive issues and loads of other unexplained symptoms that we may just accept, or go to the doctor with but they don’t have an answer as to what’s caused it and how to heal. Drugs don’t heal in the case of chronic illness, they just get rid of some symptoms and add more toxicity to your liver to deal with.

How to heal

To heal, we’ve got to take out foods that feed the pathogens, so they lose power. And add in foods that dissolve and dispose of the toxins. You’ve heard of all disease starting in the gut, right? Anthony teaches that specifically disease starts in the liver, which filters all the stuff that comes through the gut and skin.

The liver is our bodyguard and filtration system (although it’s way more than that – read the Liver Rescue book for all the juicy details!). By looking after our livers, we will be preventing a whole host of diseases, cancers and painful symptoms that ruin your life.

Coronavirus won’t hurt you if you have an excellent immune system AKA a healthy functioning liver. And this is within your power!! It’s the reason why children don’t seem to be effected by Coronavirus – because their livers haven’t been saturated in fat, dehydrated and overburdened with toxins and viruses yet.

Without further ado, here is the list of foods to stop eating to protect yourself against the Coronavirus and loads of other diseases.

Stop eating:

  • Eggs – they feed viruses & bacteria
  • Dairy – feeds viruses & bacteria
  • Gluten – feeds viruses & bacteria
  • Soy – feeds viruses & bacteria
  • Corn (maize) – feeds viruses & bacteria
  • Alcohol – seriously dehydrates the liver, compromising your health and putting you at way more risk of infection
  • Caffeine – seriously dehydrates the liver, compromising your health and putting you at way more risk of infection

These foods hide in most processed foods, so as a rule, don’t eat processed food, unless you check the label and make sure it doesn’t contain any of these pathogen feeders.

These are the foods that FUEL viruses and bacteria in your body. Pathogens eat these things. Don’t trust cravings for these things! A good rule to follow is to make everything you eat from scratch. There are billions of amazing recipes on Pinterest to inspire you. Take 1 hour a week to plan your meals for a much healthier happier life. When I started doing this, it literally changed my life.

Start eating:

Here’s a list of foods to add in to protect yourself against the Coronavirus and loads of other diseases.

  • Celery juice on an empty stomach (first thing in morning is best) – you can either make this in a blender and strain it into a glass, or with a juicer. Don’t mix it with anything (even water), as it will change the way it works. It dissolves viruses and bacteria and loads more 🙂
  • Fresh fruit, preferably organic, but non-organic is better than nothing
  • Nice fresh veggies, ditto about organic
  • Fresh salads, ditto about organic
  • Natural raw, unfiltered honey, local is best
  • Coriander (cilantro), ditto about organic
  • Fresh lemon water (half a lemon squeezed into 500ml of water – cucumber also works wonders)
  • Keep fats (even healthy ones) to max 15% of your diet, as these overburden the liver and prevent healing

Eat more regularly than 3 meals a day whilst your body adjusts. Anthony has a book called Life Changing Foods that details what each fruit & veg does, depending on your symptoms. But ALL veggies and fruit are healing. Fruit Fear is a myth, fruit sugars fuel the liver and brain. We need them! If you get symptoms from fruit, it isn’t because it’s bad. Eat what you can and after a while, you’ll be able to eat all fruits freely. I couldn’t eat apples or bananas for a while due to symptoms, but now I have them daily with no problem.

Supplements to protect you against the Coronavirus

  • Vitamin C in the form of Liposomal C – this is the highest absorbing C by about 500% and gives your liver so much more power to capture and dispose of the virus. Most Vitamin C options from your local pharmacy or supermarket often has additives or ingredients that make it barely useful. I recommend the Finchley Clinic for this vitamin C.
  • Zinc – essential for your liver to function properly. This form of Liquid Zinc Sulphate is best.
  • Anthony recommends loads of others, but these are the 2 that stand out for the immune system

Finally, Anthony recommends the Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie, which would be highly beneficial to take as often as you can during this Coronavirus phase, as it will help the liver heal from the pathogens we all carry, which will give it space and power to fight off the Coronavirus.

Anthony has links to buy what you need, but if you’re in the UK, this wonderful Kinesiologist has a list of UK suppliers:

The stronger your liver is, the less symptoms you will have. Remember how children aren’t getting effected! Most of their livers haven’t been over burdened by pathogens yet!

Small changes

This way of eating will probably be vastly different to what you’re used to. It certainly was for me. I have been making small slow changes over the last year (before I found Anthony, I was working with a wonderful naturopath who helped me get rid of dairy, gluten and eggs in my diet as they seemed to be triggers for my symptoms, before I knew why!).

Just do it step by step. Even if you choose to just get rid of one bad food and add in one good food at this stage that’s a huge amount of progress that will instantly start helping your liver heal and protect you against the mofo that is Coronavirus.

My fave thing to do these days is google ‘Medical Medium’ along with the name of a symptom, disease or food name, to see what he says about it, to empower me to heal! He’s shared so much info for free on his blog, has loads of positive advice on YouTube and does podcasts. So if you’re suffering with anything other than this ruddy virus, get your google-on and start healing. You deserve it.

How to mentally & spiritually protect yourself from Coronavirus

At a moment of mass fear & panic like this, we need to activate all our tools to ensure we’re not adding to the problem and are doing everything we can to protect ourselves holistically.

Beneficial sickness prevention tools are:

  • The best tool is the radical forgiveness process as taught in A Course In Miracles. Forgive the Coronavirus, forgive the dream. I’ll be sharing more about this over the coming weeks.
  • Exercise – fear sparks adrenaline, which feeds viruses. Doing things that keep you calm and burn off adrenaline is tremendously beneficial
  • Meditation to stay calm and keep your fight or flight panic mode docile
  • Yoga twists and stretches to help the body perform all its detoxifying processes
  • Laughter – whether you get this from the good old telly or from friends and family, laughing promotes holistic wellness in your body.
  • If you find yourself caught in a fear loop about the virus, catch yourself ASAP and focus on something positive. Letting your mind run wild will only make you feel horrific. It won’t make the virus go away. So find positive things to focus on. Podcasts, music, dancing, creative writing, anything to keep your mind productive. Commit to this with passion.


There’s LOADS you can be doing to protect yourself from the Coronavirus. You don’t have to sit there and feel helpless or scared. Start looking after yourself to the max! As a result, you’ll receive many other benefits due to living like this too. It will have a huge knock-on effect on your positive mental and physical health. Maybe this virus will kick you into a wonderful new healthy way of living… 😉

Photo by Anna Pelzer on Unsplash

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