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How to shift from fear to Love at the source
How to shift from fear to Love at the Source

When I was 19, I found myself on a metaphysics retreat, with a very psychic lady channelling personal information about me and the universe.

After returning home, my mind was changed forever and I had no choice but to live life differently from then on. I was lucky enough to learn this goodness at a perky young age and was able to shape my life from there.

It IS easier to create your life with a blank canvas. I’ve learned from experience that when you get older, you get stuck in your ways and fear becomes more rife in the mind. And fear makes things 10x harder to face and change.

But fear is always 10% truth and 90% bullshit. Literally dripping bull turd. It’s a lie your mind makes up to keep you small and safe.

That said, fear is frigging scary, obvs. I’m sure you’ve been in the grip of immense fear in your life. But if you let it keep you small, you’ll be forever stifled, stuck, frustrated, bored, angry. And we don’t want that for you!

So the key to getting around fear is changing it at the source. Fundamentally, fear comes from the ego part of your mind, which is dominant in most peoples mind holes.

If you are able to shift from fear to love HERE, at the source, you can skip over the fear crap and step into a sparkle-tastic feeling life, full of those yummy, shining feelings, like love! Happiness! Excitement! Weeeeeee-ness!

So how to shift from fear to love at source? This is what I do:

Don’t make it real

A Course In Miracles teaches that only love is real. On the deepest level, this means that everything but Love is an illusion, incorrectly projected by the ego mind.

Therefore, if you feel even the tiniest bit of discomfort, it is of the ego and needs to be forgiven, or let go, because it simply isn’t true. A good way to remember this is that pain isn’t Love and only Love is real. So this pain isn’t real, only love exists and you can safely let it go.

Use mind tricks like gratitude

You can think of the two directions of your mind – Love / Fear – as trains, choo-ing along in opposite directinos. The Love train is heading to sparkly Blissville. The Fear train is heading to cold, scary Darkville.

Gratitude is an awesome tool for getting your mind on the right train.

You’re at the station and you have two trains. These trains are always there, in every choice and every thought. To jump on the Love train, think of 10 things you’re grateful for and list the reasons why.

By keeping your mind light & full of appreciation, this will ensure the tracks align for your mind train to travel to Blissville. Try my Gratitude Journal to help create a regular practice, with prompts, reminders & inspiration.

Make your WHY prominent

This mind-work you’re doing is worthy of your time. The ego will jump in at any moment it can, to convince you that ‘you don’t have time‘, or it ‘probably doesn’t really work‘.

But let me remind you why you’re doing this – to stop the dark, gloopy grip of depression from suffocating your sparkly spirt.

Think back to your darkest moments. All dark moments are fuelled by thinking fearful thoughts. Do you remember how painful it was? How you felt there was no way out?

This mind work forms a forcefield against thoughts that create these moments. I don’t know about you, but these moments have effected me so deeply, that I dedicated my life to remembering the truth. I am determined to fill my mind and heart with light and see fear and pain for what it truly is.

Remember the fundamental choice

The fundamental choice in every moment: Is this inspired by Love or Fear?

The next time you have a situation with a friend, colleague, partner or relative, before reacting, or taking action, ask yourself the question.

The next time you have an issue with how you feel about yourself, how you look, how worthy you believe you are or how confident, ask yourself the question.

If the answer is ‘fear’, next ask: What would Love do / say?

It might just be a ‘Sliding Doors’ moment of positive change, that ripples out into your future to create a more supportive framework for you life.

And your homeplay today is…

Write on your hand: Love or Fear? What would Love do?

And notice how the energy changes.

Frances Verbeek, founder of The Happi Empire
Hello lovely soul, I’m Fran!

Founder, designer & mentor

As a spiritual student, I started The Happi Empire to help others find happiness and fulfilment in their lives. I design creative tools to help you process life and align with the light.


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