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How to snap out of negative thinking

Wow. What a title!

If only I could remember what I’m about to write when I’m in a complete cloud of ‘aaargghhh’.

‘Remembering’ is the thing that gets me every time. I can remember all this lovely positive stuff when I am happy & in the flow, but when I’m in a cloud of anger/overwhelm/depression/boredom etc I haven’t a clue what to do!

So, whilst I’m in a good place, here are a few steps you can take when you’re in a place of dread: (print it off and stick it on your bedroom wall to refer to in times of need!)


Realise you’re caught up in a mind storm. To catch yourself thinking like this is the first step.


Decide you want out, you are better than this, you have a powerful brain-box & you aren’t afraid to use it! It’s time to shift your perspective!


Know that all you need to focus on is changing how you feel NOW, and your whole day will be affected by this one moment. You don’t have to change the past, and the future can look after itself. Let’s look after YOU, NOW.


Find your personal list of pre-written Mood Shifters and start reading. If you don’t have a list like this, now is the time to write one.

Include things like phoning people you love, inspirational quotes, creative or sporty activities that make you happi, music that you can’t help but jig to, perhaps having a look through your box of Happi Cards etc. This is a perfect referral list to continue the shift.


Pick one or a few of the items on your mood shifters list and DO IT. I know you won’t feel like it, but make yourself. This is between you and the mind storm… Take Charge.


Over the next few moments you will be absorbed in the NOW. This is when the magic happens & you won’t even notice the shift, because your focus (and we can only focus on one thought at a time) is wrapped up in your mood shifting activity.


When you have finished your activity, there’s one last powerful step. Y’know those thoughts you were having? Well we’re going to write them down, but not exactly as you were thinking them. Write down the opposite thought. Because thoughts attract, let’s get you thinking about what you want, thus attracting it!

For example, this negative thought: ‘Nobody wants me‘ turns into ‘An abundance of people want me!‘, and ‘everyone’s better than me‘, turns into ‘I am unique & equally great as every soul on the planet’. Expand the story too… write it how you want to live it! This is how we consciously create our life path!

Frances Verbeek, founder of The Happi Empire
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As a spiritual student, I started The Happi Empire to help others find happiness and fulfilment in their lives. I design creative tools to help you process life and align with the light.


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