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Journalling prompts (with playsheet)
thought feeling timeline

I’ve used journalling as a way to sort out my mind for years.

It’s the thing I always come back to. A recent Harvard study has found that mind wandering causes depression, anxiety and low feelings, not the other way around. So if you can get control of your mind, then you have ultimate peace power.

thought feeling timeline

The mind is like a crazy goldfish. It goes around and around! You will rarely solve anything (or move forward) by just thinking about the problem, especially if it’s an emotional, abstract problem that you think there is no solution to.

The great thing I have learned in recent years is this:

Not all thoughts are true.

It’s so easy to just believe whatever thoughts we think, but a lot of the jumble going on in the mind is our outdated ‘survival’ brain, spinning info from a place of fear.

The survival brain, or the ego, wants you to stay put and make your life super small because everything is to be afraid of. It’s very convincing. Which is why you need regular mind maintenance to keep on track!

Mind maintenance through journalling

To clear out your brainbox on a regular occasion, or when you feel stuck, worried or scared, I ask myself these questions. You might find them helpful as prompts to get all those sticky thoughts out, making way for solutions and light! The purpose is to get you out of a fear thought system and into a loving one.

  1. What is bothering you?

  2. Why? What are your thoughts about it?

  3. Do you know these thoughts are absolutely 100% true?

  4. What can you do about it?

  5. If there is anger, guilt, fear or shame around the situation, are you willing to let go of the pain associated with this problem? If so, declare it and drop your shoulders.

  6. What can you do to soothe your mind?

  7. What good do you have in your life?

  8. What can you do / experience that will bring in a sprig of lightness today?

  9. What encouraging thought can you think today?

  10. What would Love say?

Access my playsheet in the Self Care Playsheets collection here & give it a go – see how it makes you feel.

There’s no right or wrong way to journal, as long as it clears your mind & you end on a soothing, encouraging note, from a loving mindset.

Frances Verbeek, founder of The Happi Empire
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