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Learn to surf emotional waves
learn to surf the waves

We’ve all felt the deep dark emotional pain of the ego at some point. It’s good to remember that every dark thought or feeling is rooted in the belief of separation.

The good news is, we’re not separate! It’s a belief of the ego and in practising to look at the world differently, you can undo the ego and return to a full-time experience of oneness & eternal love. That’s enlightenment, baby!

When an intense emotion comes up we have 3 choices:

  1. Repress it (works for a bit, but eventually worms it’s way out).

  2. Lose yourself (get really scared & run around like a headless chicken).

  3. Or learn how to ride the wave, enabling a release that the other choices don’t offer.

Guilt, fear, grief, sadness, anxiety. You can’t stop the waves if they’re coming, but you can acknowledge every blow & consciously let it go.

By doing so, you’re releasing the layers of the ego-onion and becoming freer & lighter every time.

This is a hardcore spiritual practice that empowers you to choose every time between love and fear. Source or ego. Oneness or separation.

You can't stop the waves but you can learn how to surf

How to learn to surf those waves

Like with all kinds of spiritual practices I share, the work is ALWAYS in shifting your mind about it. The world as you experience it is a projection from your mind, so to change the effect (our life experience) we need to change our mind about it – the cause.

When you feel a wave of uncomfortable emotion, in your mind think:

‘I acknowledge this [insert emtion] and I forgive & release it, as the ego dream of separation never really happened. I forgive myself for dreaming it. I rest in oneness’.

So instead of giving the emotion accolades for being super intense & having power over you, you have told it who’s boss, and made a choice.

You chose Love and you released a layer of ego! Whoop! One step closer to permanent bliss.

You can use this mind-shifting thought on memories, thoughts, emotions, situations, people & yourself. It’s all gotta be undone, eventually. Give it a go on something small to start practising.


PS. To read more about this spiritual philosophy, buy Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, as an introduction to A Course In Miracles.



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