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Welcome Lightworker!

Deep inside, you know that you have a higher purpose. You may not be able to quite put your finger on it, but you can feel it.

We find ourselves in a world filled with suffering which can sometimes feel insurmountable – even your own mind can sometimes be too much. But we’re here for a reason. And every moment of suffering can be used as a signpost, pointing you back to peace. The path of a Lightworker is far more powerful than it sounds. It’s a very practical, daily focus that takes strength to choose. The effect of your choices span time & space. We’re all connected. By choosing peace in a challenging moment, you create ripples that effect the whole.

Imagine a world where everyone consciously processed their own challenges and followed inner guidance towards their highest potential. Blame, attack & self-doubt would be be seen as a waste of energy. There would be only love. This is the path of a Lightworker. It’s not an easy path as many don’t understand it, so support can feel sparse. But due to the holographic nature of lightwork, it’s the most important thing you could ever do, for yourself, for others and for our entire universe.

The Lightworker’s library is a collection of free resources that support you to process your stuff and realign with peace. Dip a toe in and see what resonates today!

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Dream Life Worthiness Workshop

Dream Life Worthiness Workshop

Are you living an aligned life? Join this free workshop to align with your dream life and adjust your worth mindset, so you can more easily draw it in.

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A Course In Miracles Dictionary

A Course In Miracles Dictionary

This dictionary contains definitions of common words and phrases used in the spiritual text A Course In Miracles. My intention is to help demystify the language used in A Course In Miracles, so you can put the wisdom into practice in your life!