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Manifesting wall – free printable!

manifesting wall of wonder

Inspiring biz consultation

I had an awesome business consultation this week that I was lucky enough to win from a competition run by Global Healing Exchange. The sesh was with the straight-talking, info-filled genius Nikki White, from The Heart Of. We talked about how to grow The Happi Empire, and my vision for my other business HappiFran Design (website & graphics). Nikki helped shift my perspective about a few things and reminded me of some awesome ways to manifest what I want.

What you put your attention, you manifest

Nikki told me to place pictures of the products I want to create on the wall right in front of me, where I will see them everyday. This will make them more prominent in my mind, so I will naturally give them more attention. We all know that what we give our attention to, manifests! There are other steps to take in the manifesting process too of course, but placing something you desire right in front of you, in your face every hour of the day, is bound to have a positive impact in drawing the dream towards you. So I created a manifesting wall!

Create YOUR manifesting wall

1. Print your sign

I created a sign which allows you to declare a wall of your choosing, the ‘Manifesting Wall of Wonder!’ Just click the pic below and it will open the PDF, which you can then print.

2. Choose a marvellous wall that you will see everyday

I’ve set my Wall o’ Wonder up in my office  – this is somewhere I will see every day. If you’re going to include other people, family or flatmates, choose a wall in a common area – a hall, kitchen or dining room wall.

3. Stick words & images on your wall of wonder that define your desires

Start sticking up your dreams with Blu-tack – words, images or sentences for what you want to manifest. I’ve used colourful post-it notes to start. The Manifesting Wall of Wonder will always be a work in progress – you can add to it over time as your desires become more defined. The printable pdf also has some titles for different areas of your life. These are to use as a guide help you organise and define your dreams. You can cut-out the titles and create areas on your Manifesting Wall for different stuff, or you could create your own areas – perhaps names of everyone in your home, so you can all add to the wall of wonder, or other areas that are more relevant to you.

manifesting wall of wonder

Let’s share!

Follow me on instagram (@thehappiempire) and tag me in your Wall Of Wonder photos! I’ll take some snaps and share my wall with you too!

Let’s give our big beautiful dreams all the wonderful attention they deserve!


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