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Mini Meditations

These mini medi’s are 1 min long. They rescue you from outside stimulation and bring you zooming back to your heart space, making you peaceful, relaxed and content.

I recommend listening any time throughout the day. At this handy length, you can always squeeze one in. Pop to the bathroom at work & plug in your earphones. Nip to the kitchen at home and get a pop of peace. Be creative and enjoy!

Before listening: Prepare yourself with 3 deep breaths whilst focusing at the heart centre. Make sure you’re comfy & won’t be distracted.

My Bliss

Reconnect with the deep inner peace that is always there, under the layers of mind stuff. Feel stuck or frustrated? Know you’re not following your dreams? Take a minute out your day to bring a little bit of peace in.

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My Bliss

Release Resistance

(featured in the Self Care Playbook)

Are you resisting or allowing your innate wellness? Do you feel tight, nervous, overwhelmed? Are you fed up of trying? Jump into the wellness stream!

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Take Time To Connect

This meditation reminds you of that wonderful ‘everything is OK’ feeling, when you reconnect to source. Do you need to distance yourself from your worries today? This is the mini medi for you! xo

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My Potential

We all have such potential – this beautiful quote from Thomas Edison sums it up nicely: “If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves”.

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Listen, connect & radiate.