Sacred abundance symbol
Oh, the places you’ll go!

There are so many reasons to watch this video.

Reason one: it’s magical

Reason two: the people in it are amazingly creative with their appearance, attitude, lifestyle and presentation

Reason three: its words are true for everyone, no matter what life path you have chosen

Reason four: it takes you on a journey and leaves you feeling full of hope about life

Reason five: it was written by a children’s author, but works perfectly for adults, proving that age is an illusion!

Enjoy my bubbly friends xoxo

Frances Verbeek, founder of The Happi Empire
Hello lovely soul, I’m Fran!

Founder, designer & mentor

As a spiritual student, I started The Happi Empire to help others find happiness and fulfilment in their lives. I design creative tools to help you process life and align with the light.


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