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What is happening to you in Savasana?

Savasana, aka corpse pose, is the relaxing pose at the end of a yoga class.

After some fun / challenging poses, balances and flows, it’s the perfect way to put your yoga efforts to good use.

It feels so amazing, because all that good, positive energy you’ve created during your practice gets sent to work all around your body & mind.

The energy you built up rushes to rebalance aches & pains and soothe the mind’s misperceptions.

Remember, everything is energy.

Letting this happy fire whoosh round your body after a class, rather than restricting it by just getting on with your day, is basically like having a healing therapy like Reiki.

You are SO relaxed after unwinding your body & mind through all those yogic twists and movements, so you’re not restricting the flow of energy (love/god). This means this energy can flow through out your body, aligning you with the truth that you are whole, perfect & one with everything.

If you want to enhance the healing effects even more, start to gently move your attention around each body part. This is called Yoga Nidra, aka Yogic Sleep. This will help the energy reach all parts of your body.

Where your attention goes, energy flows.

No WONDER it’s a common favourite pose! You aren’t being lazy after all 😉

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