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Self Care on Valentine’s Day
I'm dedicated to Self Care this Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is mean.

A lot of people that don’t have a partner, already feel upset about it, then V Day goes and rubs it in their face.

Even in a relationship, there is so much pressure to buy gifts, join in, book a table in a fancy restaurant & splash out.

I used to be a fan of Valentine’s Day, because my materialistic side looked forward to maybe a date or a gift. But all this expectation can only lead to disappointment (unless you’re having a super lucky year!).

This kind of ‘romance’ isn’t sustainable and it isn’t really love, which is what Valentine’s Day is about.

Real love is about being kind and compassionate. Listening to, understanding and supporting each other. Love is a feeling of connection and contentment, joy and gratitude. Unfortch you don’t get these things at a fancy restaurant or in a pair of sparkly earrings.

With all this confusion, expectation & disappointment energy connected to this day of love, I think it needs a slight re-assignment.

Which is whyyyyy I have dedicated all Valentine’s Days, forever more, to Self Care.

If we spend time focusing on, caring for & listening to ourselves first, we will be full to the brim, we won’t feel the need to seek it from others. We will be able to love others without the baggage.

Will you join me in a day of Self Care this Valentine’s Day?

The more people feeling GOOD on this day, the better! Self Care = Feel Good = Happy World Energy = World Peace. See how that equation works? I offer this to the science minded among us 🙂

Share this stamp & declare your dedication to self care & world peace!! 😉

I'm dedicated to Self Care this Valentine's Day


Ideas of how to spend Valentine’s Day in a daze of self care


Book the day off & say no to any requests. Spend the time doing something you love, like playing music, reading chick lit, having a bath, doodling. Something that doesn’t necessarily have an outcome, but that just feels nice. Give yourself a break from all the expectations of adulting!


Re-align your focus by asking yourself these questions, then journaling the answers and writing small action points. What do you love to do? How would you prefer to be spending your weeks? What do you find yourself dreaming about?


Book in a wellness treatment – a massage, beauty treatment, energy session. Something that will make you feel relaxed.

Whatever you do doesn’t have to be hard or have the X-factor, it’s just got to feel nice to you.

Wishing you a gorgeous day of pampering, doing nothing & smiling, because how luxurious does self care feel?!

For more inspiration, guidance and prompts for self care, check out my Self Care Playbook. I created this for souls who need more self worth, confidence and self love 🙂

Front of the Self Care Playbook

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