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Things to make you Glow #2

This months wonderful internet treasures to bring joy & smiles to your sweet little face:

8 Tracks

You can put together your own playlist or listen to others that have done the work for you! This is truly fabulous to help you conjure up feelings for manifesting – music with positive words pumps right into your subconscious brain, helping to rewire dusty old beliefs into shiny positive new ones!


Meditation: Now & Then

A super cute video explaining how meditation came about, and how practical it is for stepping into your potential in modern day life.

27 ways to be an (even) better person & practically levitate with awesomery

unicornsThe title alone makes me happy! This is an article dripping with wise words of wisdom, written by a wordsmith with a passion… it’s entertainment plus value!


Shift Happens

Shift Happens

Read carefully – the first time I read this I saw something different! This is a workshop happening for Sydney-siders at the Awareness Institute in July, with high powered energy intuitives & channels, Dana Mrkich (check out Dana’s Happi Tips this month!) and Lee Harris, from the UK. Read more about this magical event here.


18 Brilliant Ways To Feel Incredibly Alive

Feel Alive!Fab list of ways to feel ALIVE to bring joy into your life from the physical! I focus mainly on how to use your mind & spirit for a happi life here, but let’s not forget all the physical ways to nurture ourselves, completing the happy trifecta! Written by the amazingly enthusiastic Jana Schuberth <3


Sparkly love balls

For you to pour all over your energy, into the corners of your home, in your loved ones pockets & on your dinner.

Remember, your mind creates. What you believe is true for you. If you believe these sparkly love balls are brightening your day, they surely will! Feeeeel them!

Enjoy! xo




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