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This Daily Habit Changed My Life
This daily habit changed my life

Isn’t it fascinating how a tiny daily habit can have a knock-on effect on the rest of your life experience? 

For example, by asking yourself a question every day can shift your perspective and change the direction of your day. And if you do it every day, it will change the direction of your LIFE!

I’ve used this tool often along my journey, which is how I’ve created my life as consciously as I can. When I’m asking myself the question regularly, I experience progress and my experience leans towards a lighter one. Whereas if I get stuck in a swirl of drama and forget to ask the question, I find myself being a lot more negative and judgemental, which only ever leads to feeling low.

What’s the question?

The question is directed towards my inner guidance, which you might know as your intuition, your higher self, Spirit / God / Universe. And the question is: “What is my guidance for the day?”. Or “What do I need to do today in order to be happy / peaceful / step closer towards my goal?”.

And for this to work, you need to follow the guidance you receive. Depending on how used to listening to your intuition you are, this may be easier for some than others. OR, it may even be easier on some days than others, depending on how stuck in a life of drama you are at this moment.

The best way to decipher the voice of your intuition is to notice how it feels and what it inspires in you. Intuition always comes from a place of love and will inspire a peaceful (or seemingly neutral) action.

If you want to create a life that is in alignment with your truth and therefore have your best chance at inner happiness, this is THE WAY to do it 🙂

The 5 benefits of asking the question – how it makes your life better

  1. Asking this question is empowering, as it teaches you that you have the power and know what’s best for you. This is when you get to close the door on outside influences and align with a life on your terms.
  2. Depending on what your challenge or focus is at any given time, asking this question and taking action will put you on the fastest route to healing. It will enable you to align with the life preferences you choose.
  3. The question subtly teaches you to experience self love and putting yourself first. When you think of a person living their life in this way, they are quietly confident, peaceful, they have clarity and focus, because they’re giving themselves space to let their needs be fulfilled.
  4. Asking your inner wisdom this question builds trust with your inner voice – when you trust yourself, confidence & self esteem blooms. When you first trust yourself, you can then trust others. This will breed love and honour into all of your relationships and can be very healing and uplifting.
  5. Finally, you’re letting love lead in your life. When you react to things, you do so out of fear. But when you’re in the habit of asking this question and trusting the guidance, you put love in the driving seat and your whole life is sourced from love. It’s the best prep for your day!

In summary: ask for inner guidance every day & follow it.

Your inner guidance comes from a place of love, so you’ll be creating your life based on love-inspired decisions and actions. This leads deeper and deeper into inner joy and contentment. Which, let’s be honest, is why you’re spending time here at The Happi Empire! 🙂

Daily Wellbeing PadTo support you with this daily habit, check out my Daily Wellbeing Pad. It’s a series of brief questions to fill in every morning to set your day up in order to thrive. And of course it asks what your inner guidance is for the day, so you’ll never forget.

Frances Verbeek, founder of The Happi Empire
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