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Try these positive tips for a happy mind
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Let’s have a moment focusing on you, Mind.

How are you doing? Are you whirring away like a washing machine? Serene like a beautiful pond? Or somewhere in between?

We can have so much power over our minds with a little bit of awareness and training. Anxiety, fear and depression can happen when we let the mind run wild, playing out whatever scenario it fancies. But you can take back control of your mind by:

  • Noticing what your thoughts are saying…
  • In order to see what they’re making you believe…
  • Which in turn determines how you feel…
  • So you can change the thoughts to make you feel more peaceful & happy!

Check out my tips on how to give your mind a shower, take back the reins and fill your outlook with light.

1. Pinpoint what your Mind is saying

Have you noticed your mind whirs on each day, sometimes seemingly without your permission? It feels like random thoughts pop into your mind and, because they’re in your mind, they feel like they are the truth. Or at the very least important.

But the mind is actually made up from a bunch of thoughts that have been determined by what we’ve experienced in the past. They’re not necessarily true and in fact, most thoughts are nonsense! If we believed every thought we had, we wouldn’t be very happy people.

So the first step to freedom is to pinpoint what your mind is saying, so you can see where it’s leading you and if you want to believe it or not. My best tip for this is to write down the contents of your mind. This can be a quick task – you could open up a notes file on your phone / computer, or jot down bullet point form in a notebook.

Just answer this question: What am I thinking? What are my thoughts saying?

2. Become aware of what your Mind is making you believe

After pinpointing what your thoughts are saying, it’s pretty easy to see what those thoughts lead your mind to believe. Spend a couple of moments considering what the thoughts you jotted down might be making you believe.

For example, say your thoughts were: I don’t have any friends. No one cares about me. No one ever wants to find out how I am.

These thoughts might be leading the mind to believe:

  • I’m worthless
  • I’m unlovable
  • I’m completely alone
  • Life is so hard
  • I’m a boring / terrible / unwanted person

If you don’t pinpoint your thoughts and work out the type of thing they’re making you believe, these beliefs will be solidly etched in your mind as The Truth. We will question these thoughts a bit later, but for now, imagine you aren’t questioning them.

These beliefs have been sourced from random, made up thoughts in your mind. They are not based on truth remember! But these thoughts above could be your outlook if you don’t question your thoughts.

3. Finally you realise why you feel down / anxious / negative / lack energy!!!

Your thoughts have led you down this path that has determined your feelings. You had a thought which you didn’t question. This informed your mind to believe a certain thing. And this ends up creating how you feel, day to day.

Depression and anxiety are created in this exact way. It can become quite complicated when you don’t question your mind for a while, as layers upon layers of beliefs build up and send you down a black hole which can feel incredibly hard to climb out of. But that’s just a thought too! Is it really that hard to climb out of a thought hole? Or is it just the case of a daily practice of taking back control of your mind?

How would your life be different if you pinpointed your thoughts each day and decided if that’s the direction you want your mind to roll in?

Remember, your thoughts aren’t telling the truth. They’re just concepts or ideas that have wafted through your mind, which you automatically believe.

If you want to feel a different way, you can work backwards.

4. Work backwards to take control of your mind and feel how you want to feel

So, if you don’t want to feel negative, depressed or anxious, how do you want to feel? Think about it for a moment. You might want peace, joy or excitement. You might crave confidence, love or to feel connected. Decide how you want to feel.

Remember a time when you felt this before. How energising. How relieving!

Now let’s work backwards to replace any negative feelings with this new one. Say you want to feel peaceful inside.

These are the kinds of beliefs you might expect a peaceful mind to have:

  • I am loved
  • I am safe
  • I am relaxed
  • I am peaceful
  • I trust

Then work out a few thoughts that would support beliefs like these. For example:

  • Everything is working in my favour
  • Things are going my way
  • I’m completely looked after
  • I feel so blessed and grateful
  • I totally trust what unfolds today
  • It’s safe to be me
  • I have space to breathe
  • There’s no rush
  • All my needs are met

The daily training can now start! These thoughts are your positive statements, or affirmations. Read them every day and they will support you in creating the feelings you want to feel. And when we feel different, we make different choices and our lives change accordingly. Isn’t that cool?

If any other thoughts come into your mind to challenge these new thoughts, you have a choice. You can believe them, like you’ve always done. And this will only maintain the feeling that you’ve always had.

Or you can choose to dismiss them. Control + Alt + Delete from your mind! See them come in and watch them leave your mind, like a cloud.

Frances Verbeek, founder of The Happi Empire
Hello lovely soul, I’m Fran!

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As a spiritual student, I started The Happi Empire to help others find happiness and fulfilment in their lives. I design creative tools to help you process life and align with the light.


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