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What are you thinking?

Right now. What are you thinking about?

Have you had this thought before?

How often does a thought like this occur?

Is it a nice, horrible or neutral thought?

You manifest what you put your attention on. The more you focus on something, the more your energy will align with it and the experiences you have in life will reflect it.

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Choose a happy thought today and write it on your hand or on a sticky note where you will see it often. Think this thought as much as you can throughout the week. See how it shifts your mindset and opens you up to new experiences. Cover your life with reminders to be conscious of your thoughts. I designed a range of A3 prints to stick on my wall to keep me focused on leading a life I love.

Happy thoughts you could try

[quote]Today is a wonderful day[/quote]

[quote]I am full of inspiration[/quote]

[quote]My friends love me[/quote]

[quote]I am beautiful[/quote]

[quote]I am confident[/quote]

[quote]My income is always growing[/quote]

[quote]Life brings me happy experiences[/quote]


I have had absolutely amazing transformations in my life due to consciously filling my mind with empowering thoughts and letting go of thoughts that were keeping my passion from exploding! I’ve attracted lifestyles, business opportunities, friends, experiences, love and heaps of material things into my life, just by choosing thoughts that matched the energy of my desire. If I had trouble with manifesting an experience, I sought mind gurus, therapists that practice hypnosis and NLP, to help uncover and change any unconscious blocks.

Have you had success with consciously choosing your thoughts?

What has changed in your life due to these new thoughts?

What have you created?


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Frances Verbeek, founder of The Happi Empire
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As a spiritual student, I started The Happi Empire to help others find happiness and fulfilment in their lives. I design creative tools to help you process life and align with the light.


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