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Creative Mentoring

Unlock your creative potential and bring your dreams to life with personalised mentoring.

Do you dream of creating a soulful product, or running a creative project but feel blocked or stuck? Have you hit a roadblock in your journey and find yourself feeling overwhelmed and unsure of how to move forward?

Creative mentoring offers a tailored and personalised approach that can save you time and frustration by providing you with customised guidance, helping you to avoid the heartache of struggling to find answers on your own. When you’re feeling stuck and are on the brink of giving up, creative mentoring can be a valuable tool to help you find relief and get back on track.

What is your dream & what do you need to know in order to get there?

Your dreams are a guide to what you should be exploring in this life time.

I believe this to the core. But our society and schooling doesn’t support this. We’re taught to believe in long, hard hours and are constantly pummelled with fear, negativity and cynicism from the news. So were our parents – how can we expect to be taught anything different if the people around us aren’t educated in a positive way?

But something’s changing – over the last few years, books, teachers, seminars and coaches are springing up to answer the call of a sea of lost dreamers.

You know this isn’t all there is to life. You have fantasised about a much more rewarding, fulfilling existence. You’re ready to step up, but maybe lack support from your closest peeps, or just the inner you!

I want to offer you an ear, a motivational push to get you moving and confirm that, YES, this is what you’re supposed to be doing! 

I can offer you a different way of thinking. I want to share with you my experience. I’ll be your friend, the angel sitting on your right shoulder. I’m in secret cohorts with the small, strong voice in your head telling you that it’s all possible.

These packages are inspired by what I have needed in the past. I only want to offer packages that you will feel fun, free and passionate about doing.

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What is a creative mentor?

A creative mentor is someone who guides and supports you to move forward with your creative dreams. Whether you’re just starting to explore your creative idea, or you’re already established, but are seeking to expand and struggling to break through a creative block.

Depending on what your creative mission is, you’ll receive practical support like resources, tools & contacts. But also more holistic support, like feedback, advice, inspiration and encouragement to help you to stay motivated. We can bounce ideas off of each other and brainstorm challenges and new ideas.

We can also delve into the spiritual perspective of where you’re at and how to move forward. This can be massively helpful if you’re open to it. It can often be the key to creating flow for your creative project.

Uplifting people with their dreams is one of my FAVOURITE things to do, because when you step into alignment with your dream – in other words what you’re MEANT to be doing – then magic happens and another piece of the puzzle is solved!

To put it simply, I’ll share all my knowledge & experience about the hows, whats & wheres of bringing your creative dreams to life.

Meet your mentor, Fran

Hello fellow soulful creative! I’ve been running my intuitive businesses for 20 years. With The Happi Empire, I’ve created 3 online courses and designed, published and sold over 20,000 soulful products. This includes working with distributors, fulfilment centres, printers, production partners and getting my card deck published in Australia!

With my Intuitive Design Studio, I’ve designed & built over 100 websites, and I have absolutely loved every minute of all this wonderful, productive, freedom & creativity!

It wasn’t always this way, I really struggled at the beginning with getting started. I didn’t have any connections or had anyone to follow in the footsteps of. However, with the help of a handful of amazing coaches and mentors, I got kickstarted and kept building momentum. I’m told that I’m very disciplined and dedicated!

I’m passionate about uplifting people and motivating them to do what they really should be doing – what their heart is calling for.

Our dreams are a guide for what we should be doing in this life, not just some distant idea that you long for at the back of your mind. You are worthy of creating this dream, so let’s stop procrastinating, bust through those pesky blocks and move forward with your dream. I’m here to support you!

“I always love working with Fran – her high vibe, light attitude has really encouraged me to approach my work differently. Fran has helped me to find my groove and inject a bit more personality into my business, meaning I’m now attracting my dream clients. Everything Fran offers through The Happi Empire is so wholehearted.”

This is perfect for you if:

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What can the mentoring sessions cover?

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Creative mentoring topic options

The creative mentoring sessions cover the hows, whats & wheres of bringing your creative dreams to life!
My experience & resources include:

Spiritual inspiration stage

Design stage

The ego resistance stage

Relevant resources & contacts


Digital marketing


Order fulfilment


As a creative person, I know you have an endless stream of ideas, an insatiable desire to keep creating and have probably started 1 million projects! However, we’re not interested in your amazing sparkly ideas just sitting on your desktop. We want them out in the world, where they can express themselves and beam out to the people that need them!

That’s where accountability comes in. Tell me all about your wonderful dreams and why it will be so amazing when it manifests. Then we come up with an action plan. I nudge, remind and hold you accountable for our action plan. You commit to taking the necessary steps.

I’ve personally found having an accountability partner so valuable for creative projects, so if you need this, it can definitely be included.

What happens in a session?

Sessions won’t be too structured, so we’re free to flow with inspiration, but to make sure I offer you the most value, after booking your session you’ll fill in a soul searching deep-dive prep playbook, which will help me understand exactly where you’re at so I can prepare to help you with whatever the block is.

Then, on the day of your first session, we’ll meet via Zoom and dig in to your creative project. Come with your questions and ideas. We can brainstorm, I can hold space for you & reflect back any resistance to shift. We can talk about technical bits, strategy, lovely flowing design ideas and create a plan to move forwards.

And the outcome? 

Your dream has come to fruition, or the dream may be still in the works, but you’re much, much further along the path to manifesting your dreams. Cogs have turned, things have clicked into place, resistance has shifted. You’ll gain momentum and confidence for moving forward from here.

Investment options:

If you’re ready to up-level, let’s work together! Let’s take positive steps towards bringing your dream to life.

Light beam


One-off session

1x 1 hour session

Magical deep-dive prep playbook

Email support 1 week after the session


Light beam


1 month of support

3x 1 hour sessions

Magical deep-dive prep playbook

Email support between sessions