Glowing hamsa

1 minute Soul Check In

Life flows when we check in with ourselves regularly.

Check in when you feel amazing for awesome inner guidance & support!

Check in when you feel rubbish for comfort, clarity & healing.

A soul check in can be done anywhere and within 1 minute. Checking in means realigning with the real you to plug in and download guidance. There’s a part of us that always knows the answer, but life is so fast paced, drama-filled and constantly pulling us out of ourselves that we get distracted. This is your reminder – ready to check in?

Take a slow, calming breath.

If you can, close your eyes & place your hand on your chest. Alternatively, cast your gaze down and focus on your heart.

Take one more slow breath.

On the exhale, let go of everything – just for 1 minute.

Keep your attention inwards. Imagine an iridescent white light at the centre of your chest. Allow yourself to be creative and free with a visualisation that feels connected and light.

Ask your inner light: “What do I need today?”

When you feel the answer come through – often simple and something we already knew – then beam some gratitude at yourself.

Now make some space in your day to fulfil your needs.