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7 Ways To Create Mind-Peace
7 Ways To Create Mind-Peace

Let me remind you about how powerful your mind is!

Your thoughts create your feelings.

Not only is this one of the deep, spiritual teachings of A Course In Miracles, but it’s now being studied and proven by scientists from Harvard. Dontcha just love it when science proves spiritual concepts? 😀

So your thoughts come first. And your feelings come second, informed by what thoughts you’ve thunk (gosh that’s a good word).

Your entire life experience is determined by how you feel. If you master your mind, you could be in any situation in life and continue to experience peace, if you have a peaceful mind.

Therefore, to live a peaceful life (or a joyful / exciting / happy life!), being conscious of your thoughts and beliefs is where the work needs to start.

I am soOoOoOo passionate about this. This is what fuels everything I make at The Happi Empire. So whether you have a passion to become enlightened like me, or just want a little more peace in your daily life, here are 7 ideas of how you can use your mind for more daily peace:

1. Practice compassion

It’s so easy to get judgey with other people, especially in cars or over the internet, when their fragile human hearts are out of sight.

This great practice I wrote about here helps shift your perspective to start feeling more compassionate instead of angry. I found it on a little card when wandering around Sydney about 8 years ago.

Ultimately, judging and being angry with other people is only hurting YOU. Using exercises like the compassion exercise, you can completely change the energy (just by using your mind in a different way) and allow your heart to swell with love instead.

When you are full of love, your health improves, your relationships improve and you feel more confident.

2. Use your phone

Ahh beautiful modern technology!! Phones can be creepy, what with their radiation and spying capabilities, but they can also be used for enlightenment – #duality!

Use the calendar or alarm to set a reminder to ding every few hours during your day to remind you to consciously think thoughts that will make you feel good. The more you think thoughts that support feelings of joy, the more feelings of joy you will have.

Examples of a joy-inducing thoughts are ones of gratitude, people you love and things that make you feel inspired or happy.

positive thought clicker3. Use a clicker

My new fave thing! I bought myself a clicker to count up positive thoughts and found that it encouraged me to think of more positive thoughts, just so I could click it more times! So satisfying 🙂

Your mind is like a puppy – reward it with simple, satisfying treats every time you have a thought aligned with Love.

I find my clicker so helpful that I am going to make some happi clickers and put them in the happi shop soon – make sure you’re signed up to the newsletter to hear first when they appear!

4. Write your WHY

This is handy for reminding yourself why you’re bothering with this extra chore, on top of all the other things life demands of you! It will be different for everyone, but for me it is to dissolve mental suffering, brought on by thinking in an ego thought system. This is my why, for inspiration:

“Consciously choose thoughts aligned with Love to strengthen your mind, so your human suffering lessens more and more each day, making way for inspiration and joy to lead the way. Be an example to your family and friends, so they can be lifted too.”

5. Be guided by Love

Love is what you are made of. This can be understood on a philosophical level, but A Course In Miracles teaches that this is true at a fundamental, literal level. You only think you’re appearing as a physical body in a physical world, but Love / Spirit is what you actually are. So when you think thoughts that are aligned with Love, you feel aligned, inspired and happy.

6. Immerse yourself

What do successful people do? They immerse themselves in practicing their art. Whether that is making money, getting muscles, learning an instrument or mastering your mind, immersion is the key to success.

Stick posters around reminding you of Love, read books to encourage positive thoughts, surround yourself with people that lift you up, join groups with like minded people, get a tattoo to remind you of truth (I’m too scared to get one, but I love the idea!!).

7. Change an unhelpful belief

Beliefs are thoughts that you have thought regularly. You have thought them so regularly that they have gone into your subconscious mental playlist and formed part of what you believe to be true.

To find beliefs that are not supporting your thinking in a love-based way, look to where you are struggling in life. Let’s say it’s freedom. You feel stuck, trapped and don’t know how to move forward.

Write the word freedom in the middle of the page. Then free flow your thoughts about freedom (be specific about your situation) and fill up the page. Don’t hesitate to write stuff down, just get all your thoughts about it out on the page.

Look over what you’ve written. These are your beliefs about the situation you feel stuck in. Are any negative? If they are, these are the thoughts you need to change. What is a more relieving thought you could think instead of that one? It doesn’t have to be super positive straight away, just more relieving and loving than the current one.

This is your affirmation for the week. This is what you will set your phone alarm to remind you to think. This is what you can say whilst you use your clicker to count up all the positive thoughts you’ll be thinking. This is what to write on the posters on your walls.


I hope you can put one of these ways into practice today! The more people with peaceful minds, the more peaceful our planet will be. xo

Frances Verbeek, founder of The Happi Empire
Hello lovely soul, I’m Fran!

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As a spiritual student, I started The Happi Empire to help others find happiness and fulfilment in their lives. I design creative tools to help you process life and align with the light.


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