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How do you hear your intuition?
Follow your inner guide

Our minds can sometimes be so jumbled and LOUD, so how do you hear your intuition? I’ve just finished reading Spirit Junkie, a great book by Gabrielle Bernstein. Gabby talks a lot about letting your inner guide lead the way through life, in every situation. This way of living takes the stress out of life. It’s relieving and I can only imagine how peaceful life would be if we managed to listen to our inner guide 24/7.

The process of tuning into your  inner guide, or intuition, is surprisingly simple, but at the same time, not particularly easy if you’re not used to the process.

So I wanted to put a little exercise together that will help you tune in to your intuition, noticing the messages and therefore living a more peaceful and guided existence.

Follow these steps to tune in now:

1. Get quiet.

Close your eyes if you can. If your mind is LOUD today, try the ‘Release Resistance’ meditation on this page to get you in a really peaceful place, where you’re able to follow these next steps.

2. Focus, ask, tune in.

In this place of stillness it’s time to tune in to some guidance. Lightly put your attention on a situation you’d like guidance on. Gently inquire “what’s the next step?”.  Allow your feelings to come up without resistance.

3. Listen & receive.

This step isn’t necessarily done with your good old fashioned ears… listen is more of a metaphor for ‘noticing signs’. This might come as a burst of inspiration through a thought, or some journalling. A blog post found online or video addressing your question. Use your feelings to notice an answer – what makes you feel the most relaxed, or the ‘right’ thing to do? A chapter in a book may hit the nail on the head. You may not get all the question answered on the spot, but know that your intention to unravel and be shown the next step will continue to work it’s magic.

Ways to encourage ‘listening’

Remember, this world is made up of energy. Your intention is energy. Your intuition is energy. And all the many ways it can be answered is also energy. How it appears in physical form is kinda irrelevant… it’s just a symbol so the energy you’re looking for, can be presented to you.

Ways to stay open to receiving guidance:

  • Meditate daily – just 1 minute will zoom you back to the peaceful, stillness inside, where you can plug in
  • Write a journal about your thoughts & feelings – getting them processes and out of your head allows for a clearer inspiration stream
  • Paint, craft or do exercise – something that gets you focused on the present moment. When we live in the past, our minds aren’t present to receive the guidance that is here, right now. You won’t find it looking into the future, or into the past.
  • Have a shower or bath – water is an excellent energy cleanser, and will help energetically wash away your mind-debris, leaving the way clearer for inspo to stream in.
  • Use a tooloracle cards, crystals, oils, happi tools and even other people can help us – if you put your power in them. Ultimately all power is within YOU, and your intention and allocation of power to the object of your choice is what makes it powerful.
  • Read a spiritual book – this can often answer the question you’ve posed, whether you’re reading one currently, or if you grab one off the shelf and open at a random page.

How do you best hear your inner guidance? If one way isn’t working for you right now, could you try another?

Frances Verbeek, founder of The Happi Empire
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As a spiritual student, I started The Happi Empire to help others find happiness and fulfilment in their lives. I design creative tools to help you process life and align with the light.


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