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My happi stall :)
the happi empire stall

I spend most of my time behind my computer, tinkering with my designs & websites, emailing people and getting distracted by inspiring blog posts :s

So when an opportunity comes up to get out there, in the real world with my products, I get quite excited!!!

I hadn’t exhibited my happi wares for a couple of years, so I decided to sign up for The Vibrant Living Show, in Cornwall.

Due to the new country, new people and not having many connections in the holistic world here yet, I had no idea if my products would speak to people here. I went with a relaxed intention of hoping to cover the costs of my stall and meet some nice people.

The universe, however, seemed to have another plan!!

I was hardly able to sit down all day and I didn’t even have a moment to finish my yummy veggie curry & baked potato! People were attracted and interested in my stall all day and lots of people walked away with more than one happi product! I met some beautiful new people and gladly accepted lots of compliments 😉

the happi stall

Here are the highlights of my day:


1. Cranio Sacral Therapy

Have you heard of Cranio Sacral therapy? I’ve been drawn to try it for a few years, but I had never got around to experiencing it for myself. I’m sure it was no coincidence that my stall was next to a wonderful therapist of a very interesting mix of services, including Cranio Sacral therapy. Beverly was offering mini taster sessions, so the first thing I did was jump up on that therapy couch, leaving my stall unattended for 20 mins!! Soooo unprofesh! 😮

Beverly (Hearty Holistics) is one of those people that seem a touch more enlightened than the rest of us… her energy is light, very calm and slower than average. In situations like being at a show, I am buzzing with happi nervous energy, so it was probably one of the best things I could do to start my day at the show.

I didn’t realise how powerful & spiritual the therapy was… I had associated it more along the lines of Chiropody. I thought Beverly was gently rocking my hips & head during the therapy, but I found out at the end that what I was actually feeling was my energy re-aligning with my true authentic highest potential. I totes felt physcial stuff happening though!

Looking back, I think this was part of what made my day such a success…

Summary? Find a local Cranio Sacral Therapist & give it a go!!! Remain very open and consciously relax your body and allow the energy to do it’s thing.


2. Opening the conversation

I do what I do for a very deep and serious reason. I create stuff to bring the light into this world and to empower people, to pass knowledge on about how to use your mind and energy to stop suffering and create peace.

We don’t get to talk about this stuff in every day life, it’s not exactly the type of small talk one might have at the post office! My products are an amazing conversation opener about all these magical and important topics. People were so open and I am just so grateful to be able to open up spaces like this.

It is sooo healing and empowering and it filled me up way more than selling a product ever could.


3. My Friends

I can’t believe how blessed I am to have made friends with such lovely, soulful, creatives since living in Cornwall. My friends are so supportive and all came out to see me!!

This was SUCH a boost and so supportive, I can’t even tell you how wonderful it feels to have someone support me by just showing up & being there. *joy tears*

Thank you to my friends: Anne (superstar mandala artist), Jessica (superstar flute teacher), Taziri & boys (superstar artist), Charlotte (superstar jewellery designer), Alice (superstar Illustrator) and all my lovely new friends that I met that day <3

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