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Play with your feelings playsheet

We all want something.

Whether you want certain feelings, life situations, connections, relationships or financial gain, the guidance lies within.

The outside world is a reflection of your inner world. The frequency your feelings and beliefs vibrate on, attract things in the outside world that vibrate on the same frequency.

If you change your beliefs & feelings, what you attract in your outside world will change accordingly.

The question is: how? Try this…


The lemon test

When you finish reading this paragraph, close your eyes and imagine biting a lemon. Imagine it’s taste, smell & texture. OK, shut your eyes & go for it!*


How was it? Let me guess… bitter, squishy & made your eyes go a little evil?

You magical creature you! Do you realise what you’ve just done? Conjured a feeling from thin air. And THAT is how you conjure the feelings and frequencies you want to attract.

Imagining a feeling is step 1. Get really good at that by practicing with this fun journalling playsheet:


Download this playsheet from the free Self Care Playsheets collection & have a play with your feelings. Play with the creative, imaginative side of yourself. See what you can make yourself feel, by the power of your mind.

I recommend playing with this as often as you like and getting a feel for it. This exercise will run a little deeper when we bring our beliefs into it. It’s our beliefs that automatically conjure our feelings, so ultimately, that is where the real work lies.

More on that later. Have fun playing today! xxx


* The lemon test was inspired by the awesome Clare Russell, an intuitive mentor from Bristol, UK. Check her out, she’s amazing.



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