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Spiritual teachers worth listening to
Spiritual Teachers

Having someone to learn from when you’re travelling a path of the unknown, is invaluable. Just when you’re feeling like the only person on earth feeling a certain way, or you’re experiencing a challenging situation you have no idea how to untangle, a spiritual teachers wise words can hit you on the head like an apple from Newton’s tree.

I want to share some of those teachers that have helped me along my way. Maybe you’ve heard of some, maybe some will be new for you. Hopefully I can help connect you to someone that will spark some revelations for you this week 🙂

LouiseHayLouise Hay

Her main topic: Self-love and affirmations

Why I like her: She’s authoritative, but with such a gentle, respectful energy. Louise is a pioneer!

Where to find her:

Don’t miss: You Can Heal Your Life, one of the best books to get to know your subconscious & automatic belief system

Esther-Hicks1Esther, Jerry & Abraham

Their main topic: Releasing resistance to step into your innate wellness stream. Energy & the law of attraction.

Why I like them: They’re funny! And I love that part of the teaching is directly from spirit – Abraham is a collective consciousness.

Where to find them:

Don’t miss: All their books, and catch some youtube vids – a great reminder & entertaining

lisa-headshotLisa Cairns

Her main topic: Non-duality, Oneness, illusion-busting & enlightenment

Why I like her: She giggles a lot and really holds space for a totally different perspective about life. She’s sharing her experience so openly and she’s very accessible if you want to ask a question.

Where to find her:

Don’t miss: live streaming of her teachings, skype message questions in real time!

gabrielleGabrielle Bernstein

Her main topic: Forgiveness, A Course In Miracles (ACIM), Yoga

Why I like her: She’s relates ACIM to normal life situations – relationships, work, friendship… she feels like ‘one of the girls’, and is easy to relate to.

Where to find her:

Don’t miss: Spirit Junkie & her videos, they’re so often just what you’ve been wondering

colin-tipping_2008Colin Tipping

His main topic: Forgiveness, from a higher perspective. Oneness. Release from emotional pain.

Why I like him: He explains how to forgive so practically, and teaches so well how to heal all situations. His Radical Forgiveness worksheet is particularly awesome.

Where to find him:

Don’t miss: His first book, Radical Forgiveness, which includes the Radical Forgiveness worksheet.


Whilst I was writing this, I found it hard to stop adding people! SO I will definitely write a follow on post for this one with more wonderfully inspiring spiritual teachers… so much wisdom out there!


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