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What is happening to my mind right now?!
What's happening in my mind right now?!

Being launched into a new way of living with no warning and no choice can really stir up some mental shiz!

My first 2 weeks of self-isolation in early March were very up and down. Every day, I felt moments of deep peace and depression. Fleeting moments on the kaleidoscope of emotion! How were yours?

By week 3, I had mindfully processed the current batch of negative feelings and am now settled into a surreal new normal.

–> I want to remind you of your purpose right now if you’re currently in the turbulent phase.

Think of your being as a vessel.

Within our vessel, turbulent emotions and fearful thoughts can arise. These feelings are not you, they’re just arising inside your vessel. Once processed, they dissolve.

If you resist these feelings, they seep into the background of your life and make everything feel a little jittering, or gloomy. If that background feeling has been there for a while, you’ve probably forgotten what the feeling is even associated with, so you just have this underlying anxiety or gloopiness about life.

Try giving the arising energies space, by sitting still and letting them be, with no resistance. By letting them arise and process through, they dissipate and dissolve. Poof! And you’re free.

This is the process of removing the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence. Love is here now. We’ve just got ego-blinkers on one dark point and can’t see the full truth.

Opportunity for change

Right now we have an opportunity to rise, to commit, to do the work of processing all the fear that is ready to release.

This is a wake up call. If you make a decision to use this opportunity, you can rise above the fear and spend this time in creativity and joy.

The funny thing is, our ego tells us it’s not safe to do this processing work – it says it’s scary, or boring. The opposite is true. Don’t trust the ego on this one! (or any one for that matter!)

So, if you feel stuck on a rollercoaster right now, remember your purpose: You’re a vessel who is here to process whatever arises. If you believe the story, you’ll get stuck in the emotion. If you rise above the story and just notice the feelings that are arising, giving each feeling space, but not letting it claim it knows all truth, then it will run its course much more quickly.

Practical steps to process what’s arising:

  1. Sit quietly in meditation.
  2. Ask Spirit (God / Love / Higher Self / Guides / Masters / Angels) to join you.
  3. Use a calming method to get still for approx 20 mins – counting breath, body scan etc.
  4. Then observe any feelings or thoughts that arise in your body or mind.
  5. Detach yourself from any stories you find attached to feelings or thoughts.
  6. Let arising feelings have space, inquire what they need, do they want to liberate?
  7. Stay with the feeling until it passes. Breathe calmly and offer the feelings love and peace whilst they transform.
  8. When thoughts arise, ask Spirit to transform them into Love and remember they are not truth.

You can take anywhere from 30 mins to 1 hour with this processing work. Do what feels best for you. Start with baby steps. This is a creative and free practice, so go with what intuitive feels like enough.

Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash

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