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Why you’re not upset for the reason you think
When I am upset, it is always because I have replaced reality with illusions I made up

What you think you’re angry, depressed or anxious about today is just a symbol of a deeper upset.

The deeper cause of your upset is that you’ve invested your core belief in something that isn’t real. There might be a person or situation showing up in your life that you think is the cause of your upset, but if you dig down through the layers, there is an original belief that caused every form of suffering possible in the universe today.

All upsets have the same cause.

The cause of all forms of suffering is the ego mindset, which is the projection of fear that created the ego’s world. Any type of suffering you experience in the world today is traced easily back to the ego thought system.

If the ego mindset is completely undone, the world of suffering will cease to exist. Every form of suffering is down to the core belief in the ego.

Therefore all upsets have the same solution.

Life is like a movie. Your life experience is the effect that is being played out from the projector – your mind.

Every time something affects your state of inner peace, it’s a sign the ego is in control of the movie and needs correction at the source projector – your mind. There’s little point in trying to change the movie by interfering with the screen, when the real power is in the projector.

You find freedom from healing your thoughts, not your situation.

Use today’s upset as a signpost

If something is showing up in your life today that is upsetting, the most powerful thing you can do is to heal it in your mind, by retracting your belief in the ego thought that created it.

This is a mental process where you let go of the suffering by choosing to see through eyes of Love instead. This thought process offers deep healing at the cause. Remember, we only feel pain due to our thoughts about something, not about the thing thing itself.

Take action today

  1. What is upsetting you today?
  2. Consider that this trigger is a symbol of a much deeper belief.
  3. Consider that if you heal the deeper cause, today’s pain will dissolve.
  4. The way to heal the deeper belief is by remembering the ego’s world is just a projection of a belief system made of fear, with the ACIM forgiveness process.
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